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  1. Jason Soll

    The Summer Tutorials

    Nope. It looks like that one's going to be permanently locked away in the TED vault. I have it on DVD though. First tutorial has been released, by the way: Jason
  2. Jason Soll

    The Summer Tutorials

    3 Tutorials. Free. Released every Wednesday. Get Ready | Jason Soll
  3. Jason Soll

    Creative Tipping Point

    Does a creative tipping point exist? As an active member of various creative communities over the past 8yrs, I have witnessed a coming and going of dominant creative artists. No one artist has had creative dominance for more than a few...
  4. Jason Soll

    Cognitive Cardistry This is a sneak preview of a new project I am undertaking in order to identify the psychological effects of card handling. In this video, I demonstrate a drill that is designed to increase the brain's capacity to utilize its visuospatial sketchpad...
  5. Jason Soll

    CCC2009 Video Discussion

    The serious videos date back many years before I released our UDCC submission. But I understand your point. Obviously, experimentation is essential to the progress of any art form. But I believe that there is a fine line we have to walk when making serious videos that incorporate our art. It's...
  6. Jason Soll

    CCC2009 Video Discussion

    Anyone else feel embarrassed by the overly serious/dramatic situations, encounters, themes etc. in many of these videos? Is this where we want this art to go? Seems too cultish to advocate new artists, and at the same time dorky and childish. Jason
  7. Jason Soll

    Why do They Always Want to See the FIRST Trick Again?

    Serial position effect. The first thing they see will be converted in to long term memory, which is why they will remember it best know exactly what they want to see again. Jason
  8. Jason Soll

    YouTube is the greatest thing to happen to magic... - Two Essays

    This is by no means YouTube's fault. It has been happening for many many years, starting long before YouTube existed. The creation of these websites, such as T11, that showcase a community that is centered around videos of magic caused this. However, this does not have to be a problem. With a...
  9. Jason Soll

    My conversation with someone who wanted a tutorial...
  10. Jason Soll

    YouTube is the greatest thing to happen to magic... - Two Essays

    Friends, The following essay is a revised excerpt from a message sent to Jake the Snake Magic, here on the T11 forums, regarding YouTube exposure. I urge you to read this with an open mind and consider the following very carefully and thoughtfully. Prior to reading these two brief essays...
  11. Jason Soll

    Meeting with The Mathemagician - Arthur Benjamin

    Friends, I have the privilege of spending some time with the world-famous Mathemagician, Arthur Benjamin, in a few days. Just found out that he works as a professor of mathematics here at my college lol. For those of you that don't know him, you can see his TED performance here...
  12. Jason Soll

    Twitter Follow Me Thread
  13. Jason Soll

    How Cardistry Got Me Invited to the TED Global Conference

    Haha, I will indeed tell him that. Do you happen to know him or have met him in the past? Thanks for the kind words guys. I will definitely be taking constant notes and be keeping a journal throughout the conference. Jason
  14. Jason Soll

    How Cardistry Got Me Invited to the TED Global Conference

    Friends, Hope all's well. Got some great news the other day: I will be attending the TED Global Conference this summer at Oxford. At first, the idea of attending TED was a mere dream. My father proposed the idea of applying over my winter break. My dream was slowly turning in to a...
  15. Jason Soll

    Finally, the full tutorial for The Stag

    Friends, It's finally here! The full tutorial for The Stag, complete with textual information, has been released. Happy learning, Jason
  16. Jason Soll

    2009 Preview Remade

    Thanks for the comments. 1. The Stag will be released on Kicklight soon. Hopefully later this week. 2. The next video that will be released is not a's way more important and valuable than that. Jason
  17. Jason Soll

    2009 Preview Remade

    Friends, Tossed a Kicklight together for the 2009 Tutorials Trailer I made recently. This should make accessing the tutorials much easier for you. Best, Jason
  18. Jason Soll

    Follow me on my journey :: -seeking the balance of cardistry in life-

    Friends, I just set up my Twitter account: . Register and follow me as I balance the world of magic/cardistry with college academics, social life, collegiate athletics, internships, international travel, and other personal hobbies that may surprise you. See...
  19. Jason Soll

    New Concept -- Need Your Feedback!

    Definitely! If someone plans to release a cardistry DVD, the Kicks would provide an awesome way to advertise the product. Jason
  20. Jason Soll

    Another video from my library Here's another one that I'm pretty sure most of you haven't seen. Pretty old, but fun nonetheless. Jason
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