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  1. CalvinTan

    David Blaine Real or Magic Discussion.

    You didn't see anything or a force because it is a TV show, and TV shows are edited. You don't ever see the set-ups. In terms of magic presentation, this is a good lesson for new magicians to learn. What you are describing is an illusion that is created by his patter and presentation. Look...
  2. CalvinTan

    David Blaine Real or Magic Discussion.

    Dan Hauss' learned the method from Blaine and was given the OK to put it out. You can buy it from him if you contact him on Facebook.
  3. CalvinTan

    David Blaine Real or Magic Discussion.

    Did anyone catch him use the Mnemonica Stack as an impromptu card reveal by making up patter on the spot? If you spot the stack, you'll see where and which celebrity he did it to.
  4. CalvinTan

    (Cardistry) Are the Smoke & Mirrors deck worth it?

    I am a big card collector, and I've handled just about every deck out there. There are a couple decks that I put at the top of my list as the best quality decks ever made. For various reasons, these are decks that use the highest quality stock, finish, and of course grain on the stock for that...
  5. CalvinTan

    Decks similar to Bee Stinger Back

    I really think the Stingers deserve to be reprinted again. The Monarchs and Artisans have amazing feeling stock, however, I would assume the Aristocrats are similar to the Stingers since the Red Stingers use the aristocrat stock.
  6. CalvinTan

    Dealing with "non-believers".

    I actually use a lighter approach similar to this. I define what magic is, as most laymen think magic is the method. I say something like, "You know, most people think that magic is the 'trick' or the sleight of hand involved, or even the 'secret method', but real magic does exist, and...
  7. CalvinTan

    theory11 Customer Service

    I just wanted to give a shout out to the Theory 11 team. In this day, you only hear about complaints. When things are done right, people rarely take the time to complement. Months ago, I received a deck that was mangled by the post office. I sent an email to Theory, and CEO Johnathan Bayme...
  8. CalvinTan

    The Archive Rebel's T-shirt

    I had some cart glitches when trying to order. What's weird is that when i added $100+ to my order, the Rarebit deck vanished from my cart. I had to place 2 separate orders to get 2 decks and even that glitched as some items I added, ended up not showing up and doubling next time around.
  9. CalvinTan

    Trading Magic Tricks?

    Technically, trading is not illegal in terms of US laws. If you buy a DVD, it's yours to do whatever you want with it, including trading it away. In terms of magic, it's more an ethical question. Because the business of magic is the secret, is it ethical to learn the secret and then trade it...
  10. CalvinTan

    Good Playing Card Designers?

    He also designed the Legends. These were not USPCC cards though. The Legends were printed in Taiwan.z Si Scott designed the Smoke and Mirror playing cards.
  11. CalvinTan

    Question about teaching magic...

    100% agree with everything Steerpike said. Sounds like the guy is more of a magic historian than a performer, therefore his high status should only be viewed as a historian and not magician. He also sounds very lazy and disinterested in actually mentoring the kid. I agree with you. It...
  12. CalvinTan

    Surrounded with microphone in hand

    I'm assuming this venue is not meant for magic because of these factors. I would recommend watching a lot of mimes. A silent magic act, using your body and gestures to tell a story or communicate to the audience. You have to exaggerate your movements and facial expressions. Move around the...
  13. CalvinTan

    Mathieu Bich's Spreadwave LIVE performance

    Good job! Everyone is in a good mood and having fun! The spectators were not bored, and were following the whole presentation.
  14. CalvinTan

    Where to sell

    check out the Surplus Magic Exchange group on Facebook
  15. CalvinTan

    Music Copyrights

    You should be good with royalty free music on any kind of media, including live performances. The only thing I would double check on is if you need to mention or credit the artist/song. In some cases of royalty free music, they want you to mention them since they're letting you use their music...
  16. CalvinTan

    How to script, and structure a gambling routine?

    Have you thought about if you want audience participation or are you planning on just showing off gambling sleights? Perhaps ask a spectator what poker hand they want. --For example, spectator says: High full house. Then ask, where at the table do you wish to sit. --Spectator says - 3rd from...
  17. CalvinTan

    Entertainment vs. Effect

    All these tricks, flourishes, and whatever, whether they're easy, flashy, or difficult, don't matter if I don't care about you as the performer. If you don't make me care about what I'm watching, I'm going to get bored and your performance will not be remembered. There's really nothing to...
  18. CalvinTan

    Favourite Deck

    Split Spades Lions 1st Edition I still think it's the best custom design deck that has been put out. Also, the card stock is thick, and they last a long time. It was also the first deck that had custom faces for the court cards, and the only that did them in the same style so they don't look...
  19. CalvinTan

    Music Copyrights

    ASCAP and BMI for the US, and SOCAN for Canada. I deal with this on a daily basis. I work for a company that provides our customers with a license ASCAP, BMI, and SOCAN so they don't have to worry about obtaining and paying for one. I used to work for Universal Records, now I work as a...
  20. CalvinTan

    Collins Key on AGT :: Any comments?

    I just looked up Justin's performance on Ellen. I take back what I said about liking that he modernized the trick, after seeing him copy the same presentation from Justin. "I did love his idea of swapping the normal table that goes with the effect...
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