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  1. MillionaireMike

    Working on my Stand-Up Routine *Help*

    Just some ideas... you can think about what will fit your persona and show... Some levitation effect Torn and restored newspaper (newsflash by Axel Hecklau has to be my favorite effect!!!) Maybe an escape or ins and outs routine Spongeballs Cups and Balls are awesome (another of my favorites) ^^...
  2. MillionaireMike

    Bobo's Modern Coin Magic Old or New

    Don't have the old one... only the new one I have seen the old and there is a huge size difference and the new one is packed with heaps of good material. I'd say the new one...
  3. MillionaireMike

    What ever happened to the Phoenix Deck?

    I have some... great decks! I am using them in my video if you click the link in my signature... but yea great cards!
  4. MillionaireMike

    Invisible decks without the DVD

    They are super easy to make! Doesn't take long at all and its a lot cheaper as well. Also like said before you can use any deck... seems like a no brainer to me :P
  5. MillionaireMike

    What coins to use?

    I only use common coins... here in New Zealand our coins are horrible for coin magic but I still continue to use them because they are recognized, don't look odd and I should be able to borrow a coin to do magic with. So yea I would never use a foreign coin. Just my thoughts...
  6. MillionaireMike

    Finger Ring Magic

    Ahh yess also Gregory Wilson's On The Spot! :)
  7. MillionaireMike

    Tarantula by Yigal Mesika

    Haha I do the same thing sometimes but anywho if anyone else wanting to buy the tarantula comes across this thread I'll just add my opinion by saying it's the best gimmick i have purchased. :)
  8. MillionaireMike

    Finger Ring Magic

    This is a great post :) The Tarbell books are amazing, so is Tarantula, also like Sir FansAlot said a lot of coin stuff can be adjusted to suit it.
  9. MillionaireMike

    Dan Sperry on America's Got Talent

    HAHA so true! Yea Dan did a great job!!!
  10. MillionaireMike

    The Magic Network

    Hey Guys I know i haven't been so active lately but i've been quite busy, just wanna say that The Magic Network is having another contest! Just want to let you know, join up and get started if you want! It's up to you, I know there was another thread just yesterday about it and got closed but I...
  11. MillionaireMike

    We Need Books!

    But doesn't Chris Kenner have a book? He's a T11 artist...
  12. MillionaireMike

    Happy birthday JB!

    Happy Birthday! :D
  13. MillionaireMike

    Mike's First Video!

    Sorry to bump this guys just want all the help I can get before Feb 3rd, I really appreciate all those (5 star :p) ratings.
  14. MillionaireMike

    Voting open for Up Close Card Trick

    HAHA sorry to say but Sidekick, there was no patter and it wasn't a visual trick so I didn't have a clue on what happened or what was supposed to happen. Livingston... You da man! haha :p
  15. MillionaireMike

    Is this a new idea?

    There are a few like this with a pencil... not sure about a finger... you could probably make a pencil one adapt to a finger.
  16. MillionaireMike

    Some thoughts?

    Yea I guess that makes more sense, that you shouldn't be so judgmental of a trick/sleight until you have taken the time to actually master it and try it out yourself. I guess its like flourishes, the first time you do one you drop some cards and struggle to do even the first half but with a bit...
  17. MillionaireMike

    Some thoughts?

    Everyone who has their heart in magic will work hard for it, I don't think your post will change someone's mind and to go and say "tricks take practice" is kinda lame... I mean everyone knows that it takes a lot of hard work to get it perfect (and no I'm not one who "gives up" cause they are too...
  18. MillionaireMike


    See Kozmo, Gazzo and Nick Nicholas perform!
  19. MillionaireMike

    How many decks do you have ... ?

    about 6... how many do you have Slicke?
  20. MillionaireMike

    Jonathan Bayme

    Now that is just WICKED!
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