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    My English website

    Hey guys, A couple days ago my English website was done. Could you give me some feedback? Thank you! Tomas
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    Need your opinion

    Hey guys, Recently I have changed my website. This is the new look . The English version - It is not finished yet and I need your opinions about it: what needs to be improved and what has to be thrashed. This would mean a lot to me. Thanks...
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    Best ring flight (your opinion)

    Hey guys, I did a quick search, but I have not found the answer. So... I am writing to ask you for advice: which ring flight is the best in your opinion? I am planning to buy one. Also it should be done sleeveless. Thank you, Tomas
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    Your Opinion (Important)

    Hi guys, I've been doing magic and now I have my site: I would like hear your comments about it: good, bad, normal, hate it or whatever. Just say the truth. Also, maybe you could suggest any improvements? It is in language that you do not understant, so if you...
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    Blurring The Line

    Hi guys, I love magic, I love mentalism, but what I like the most about them is bluring the line between ilusion and reality. Now I am a bit into commercial magic, because it is easier with it to get a job. But this is just my case. I remember a few times when people came to me...
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    Real or Magic-y?

    Hi guys, I was wondering about magic and mentalism, so to speak. What makes us really feel the astonishment or "something unusual"? For me, magic creates WOW in my heart, but mentalism makes me think about the line between magic and reality. It creates that "It might be real.." kinda thing...
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    Becoming famous with extraordinary

    Hi there, I am doing magic for quite some time now and people remember me. I was interviewed, showed on TV. But what is a step torwards becoming famous? Has anyone reached that? What could be the formula? Thanks for your time, Tomas Simkus
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    PK Ring Effects

    Hi guys, I just recieved pk ring. I like its appearance and I know 2 tricks that I can do. Maybe someone could help me with some more effects? (no exposure)
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    Magic in a movie

    Hello, I would like to ask you about magic in movies, because I have seen Prestige and Illusionist. Are there any other movies about magic? By the way, the thought just came to my mind.....Maybe T11 could create any kind of documentary (or movie:)p ) about magic. I would REALLY love to see...
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    Restaurant payment and more

    Ladies and Gentelmen, boys and girls, magicians and non-magicians, we all are into this wonderful art of magic, we buy decks, gimmicks, ropes, tigers, elephants and other material for close-up or stand-up performances. We perform magic and get HUGE reaction from pulling elephant from a hat or...
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    Video making

    Hi guys, I would like to start a conversation about video making. Almost everyone of us have made a video of magic, but still mostly aren't made the way it is have to be made. So here I would like to you to share your thoughts about structure, music, background and so on...Also i would like...
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    Trick + trick = ?

    hey guys, I am new to this forum and I really enjoy being a part of this project. Now for the question... I would like to ask if theory11 team is going to realease any kind of DVD about routining. None of other organization did that. So what do you think about this kind of DVD...
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