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    The Pans Change confusion

    Hey everyone. My name is Jarrod Freeman and I'm the creator of the Pans Change. I'd just like to clear things up about this effect so I made a short video. Please check it out. Thank you.
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    Original Effects

    Hey everyone! I hate to be "that guy" but if you could give me some feedback on this video that would be great! It's a compilation of some of my original effects from the last year. I tried posting it to the media section here but with no luck. I really appreciate it! If you like what you see...
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    Original rubberband effect?

    Last night I was just messing around with crazy man's handcuffs and accidentally stumbled upon a new idea. It is only done with one band however. I'm not sure if it's original so I figured I would post a video here. Tell me what you guys think.
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    Unknown White Deck of Cards?

    Let me start this thread off by stating that I know the deck I purchased is not a white centurion deck. With that knowledge, let me begin. I recently purchased a deck off ebay and was wondering what its contents were. The box is all white, no cellophane window like the centurions, and has a...
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    Storing Sealed Decks?

    Hey everyone. I have several sealed decks that I would like to keep separate from the rest of my collection so the cellophane doesn't crack or wrinkle anymore. Does anyone know of the best way to store cards so that they aren't in an environment that's too humid or too dry? I'm thinking of...
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    Brown Wynns

    Do not mind this post, sorry.
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    New Standard Bicycle Cards

    I just picked up a couple decks from Target and noticed that one of them had a few surprises in it. The joker had color added to it, the quality was a little better and there was a discount card for Jacks and Jokers Apparel. The video below just gives you a better idea about the colors on the...
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    Magic (the song) Cover

    So I figured it would be a good idea to focus more on singing and guitar than I do on cards for a little while. Here's what you get when you combine all three: Me on the left, my friend Michael on the right. Let me know what you guys think! -Jarrod
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    College- What to bring?

    Within the next few months, I'll be graduating from high school and going off to college. Aside from the essentials, I was wondering what magic related stuff I should bring with me. A few books, a couple decks of cards or what? I don't want to bring too much but at the same time I want to have...
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