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  1. morpheis91

    Me proposing to my best friend

    Nothing to crazy in terms of magic. But she always helps me with this one effect. This time I threw her a curveball!
  2. morpheis91

    Redeem a Spin Win?

    How do I redeem a spin win? It said I won a Red Jaqk in a pop-up, I clicked ok and that was that, I didn't get any confirmation email or anything...
  3. morpheis91

    Flink Flop

    Has anyone gotten Flink Flop by Dan Hauss on papercrane? I've seen it done and its really good. I am thinking of getting it cuz I am going to puerto rico this weekend. Just wanna hear some thoughts on it.
  4. morpheis91

    I think I like Hecklers!

    Since I started performing magic 5 years ago I have always despised "Hecklers." Last night I came to the realization that I LOVE hecklers. I was performing for a group of people and there was a heckler amongst the crowd. The heckler of course was trying to bust me and was demanding the most...
  5. morpheis91

    Error On Playing Cards Page

    Not sure if you guys noticed but there is a little error on the playing cards page on here. There is a gray border that goes below the quick nav on the bottom on the site. And the whole quick nav part is slightly shifted right on the so part of it is cut off.
  6. morpheis91

    An Underground Rap Video at A Magic Theater

    Hey This Girl Here, "Killer Cass" can really rap and she recorded a cool little video at Grasso's Magic Theater Here in Philadelphia. She is a friend of mine and just trying to get her a little bit of exposure she is new to the internet. She wants to integrate magic into her videos any cool...
  7. morpheis91

    Philadelphia Magic

    Hey Guys I am Wilberto Casillas and I recently developed a new website I want it to be a place for magicians in and around the philadelphia area to come and see information about magic pertaining to our area. We are looking for new updates about magic news in our area, magicians...
  8. morpheis91

    Video - Featuring My New Clothes Designs

    Ok just wondering what you guys think about my video it was for a course where I had to do something creative (yes its an easy course ;) ), I know that The XCM isn't all that great I really don't practice XCM, hardly at all and some text in the video says "NEW TRICKS" really there are no NEW...
  9. morpheis91

    Interesting Outcome - Coincidences and Luck

    Just a funny story that I thought I'd share. Well I was at work today and one of my co-workers asks to see a trick. I think of what I should do and decide to do a sandwich effect. I have him pick a card then I realize I neede my jokers. I didn't have my jokers so I look for the first pair I...
  10. morpheis91

    What makes a magic trick?

    In magic I often hear people say that good patter is what makes a magic trick. While this is in part true I believe that the connection made between performer and spectator is far more important. I would like to hear some people's thoughts on this. A thread was most likely started befor like...
  11. morpheis91

    Philadelphia - East Coast Magicians?

    Meant to put title as "Philadelphia Area east coast Magicians" could a moderator or someone please change it :) Hello all I am Wilberto Casillas. I am currently working on a really big project, I would like to know if there are any magicians out there from the Philadelphia...
  12. morpheis91

    Black's Magic - Chat Room

    First off I would like to say how awesome some of the things are on this website, good stuff: Also they just redesigned their website it has a CHAT ROOM!!! I think this is freaking awsome just someone please go and check it out it relatively new so there are not...
  13. morpheis91

    My Youtube Video

    I was bored so I decided to make one of those dreaded youtube vids pleez check it out: -Wilberto Casillas
  14. morpheis91

    Precision Magic

    What does everyone think about this place. Has any bought from them are they good?
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