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  1. Josh Clarke

    Invisible Card Price?

    I didn't get a chance to see the price before it sold out.
  2. Josh Clarke

    Double Cross vs. Note

    I own Note by Matt Sconce. What advantages does Double Cross have over Note?
  3. Josh Clarke

    Rob Anderson is a swell guy!
  4. Josh Clarke

    Magic Trick FAIL

    Poor dove ...
  5. Josh Clarke

    Media Section Blocked?

    When I try to go to the Media section, a page opens that says the site is blocked by Firehost Website Protection. Does anybody know what's going on?
  6. Josh Clarke

    Checkout/Cart Issues

    I contacted support a few days ago, but I have yet to receive a response, so I'm coming to the forum to see if anyone can help. Some of my previous purchases no longer show up under the Orders section. Also, I heard there is an easier way to order replacement gimmicks, but I can't figure out...
  7. Josh Clarke

    VAPR ideas

    I wanted to start a thread where we could all post our thoughts and ideas about ways VAPR can be utilized. I'll go first: Angle Zero by Daniel Madison + VAPR's wireless function = very visual and mystical effect And go!
  8. Josh Clarke

    Found A New Bicycle Deck At Walmart

    What do you guys think? Has anyone seen these before?
  9. Josh Clarke

    Pink & White Nautic Back

    I found these pink and white Nautic Back Bicycle decks at Walmart: I didn't know these existed and Walmart was the last place I expected to see unique playing cards.
  10. Josh Clarke

    Bicycle 404

    Look what I found at my local thrift store! I can't wait to use them for a shrinking deck effect!
  11. Josh Clarke

    My Card Collection (So Far)

    I just wanted to share my card collection with everyone here at theory11. I just built a little display case to show them off. I have a strict rule of only purchasing cards for my collection from brick and mortar stores (the theory11 decks were won in contests). Feel free to post a pic of your...
  12. Josh Clarke

    Art of Magic by Wayne Houchin

    Art of Magic by Wayne Houchin is available on his website. There are only 30 copies available.
  13. Josh Clarke

    Business (Playing) Cards

    I just ordered some new business cards that are printed as backs of Bicycle playing cards. What do you guys (and girls) think? I know the design is simple, but that's what I was going for.
  14. Josh Clarke

    New Idea Or Does It Exist?

    I have an idea (and method) for having the ink from a spectator's selected card appear on their hand and the face of the actual card becoming blank. Does something like this already exist?
  15. Josh Clarke

    My Website (Work In Progress)

    I just wanted some feedback on my website while it is still a work in progress. Any advice or comments? (Yes, I used Weebly ... so what?) I will be purchasing a domain when the site is done. I do know html and css, but I don't want to use them. I'm happy with...
  16. Josh Clarke

    Club 808

    I thought some of you might be interested in this. Seems like a pretty cool idea and membership isn't that expensive.
  17. Josh Clarke

    Dunninger's Complete Encyclopedia of Magic

    I just got this book from my local library. What a great book! It reminds me of the fake exposure videos on YouTube.
  18. Josh Clarke

    Wayne Houchin on

    Wayne Houchin was interviewed on
  19. Josh Clarke

    Previous Purchases

    I don't know if anyone else has noticed, but ALL my previous purchases are now showing up in my account. I had ordered a few things before theory11 upgraded their account system. My old purchases weren't showing up under the new system, but now they are! Awesome!
  20. Josh Clarke

    Voicemail Prediction

    I'm contemplating releasing a voicemail prediction effect on The Wire. The thing that sets it apart is that it is not an app and can be done with any phone. Neither you nor your spectator need to have an iPhone or Android phone. Would you be interested in this? Please vote above.
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