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    Psypher Idea

    I agree with Prae- signing the card is so illogical that it may even arouse suspicion. Much more logical just to ditch the gimmick as you put the box away, or in the process of taking the jokers out of the deck.
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    Combining Mentalism and Sleight Of Hand...

    For maximum "contrast" you could do magic, and then the "mentalism" part would just be Q&A- nothing else. The absolute cleanliness of appearance and minimal use of props would fit the minimalist approach
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    Appearing Symbols

    You can just switch the paper for one with the symbol already on it, say with a stack of papers and a double lift or a billet switch.
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    Using Spy Devices in Magic

    You can do this with no devices of any sort- billet switches and peeks. Look into it.
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    I want to read minds

    Books will help you a lot more than Dvd's will- read the books for the methods and the advice, and you can watch performances on the internet if you'd like.
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    Drawing Duplication

    Technique is fine, but won't be suitable for y our purposes. "Sneak Thief" by Larry Becker is an excellent routine which ends up in a drawing duplication, as is 4th dimentional Telepathy (Cassidy/Annemman)
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    What Should The Magician Do?

    Shake their hand and thank them for their time, if it's the last trick and there isn't anything to "rush" into. It allows you to leave if the reaction isn't good, and they can still be amazed on their own if it is.
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    Do you carry cards everywhere?

    Never. There's plenty of strong material you can do without cards, and it's sort of an unusual thing to carry around in your pocket, so I think it's better just to do without it. I usually have a couple of quarters though.
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    Lift up trick?

    It's an old georgia magnet stunt-
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    Silver Dream by Justin Miller

    The no sleeves version is significantly inferior to the sleeved version, and it requires a gimmick. I'd just take the time to wear a sleeved shirt, but yes, this is not coin magic for a beginner
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    Deck Switch?

    If you want to "switch" a deck visually, you can switch a red deck to a blue deck (by using a "pocket" method) with a red card just sitting on top. Then let time misdirection do the work and perhaps perform a trick that doesn't require explicitly showing the backs of the cards. Then you can...
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    Making mentalism meaningful

    That's only half of it. The smaller half, in my opinion, is coming up with a meaningful effect. You're not going to get half the power of these effects if YOU don't connect deeply with the audience. Just imagine if a magician walked up to you, and he revealed the name of your dead grandpa, but...
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    credit card number Mentalism.

    Or you could just "blindfold" yourself (leaving room for you to peek either straight ahead or down the nose) and then just hold the credit card and reveal details from it. The blindfold does need to be a convincing one though. Being blindfolded could make the entire pickpocketing sequence...
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    Edge Palm?

    I think that's the edge grip. The edge palm is totally different, and to be honest I've never once used it.
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    Drawing Room Deceptions - Detailed Review

    I always check Denis Behr's archives for a full content check up before I buy magic books:
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    Pk Touches

    Banachek (and a lot of other top pros) use the "simple" pk touches in their shows. You also might want to check out "Invisible Touches" by Lior Manor, which takes the effect much further.
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    The sleight of hand is great, but not a fan of the mumbling.
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    Already a trick?

    Doesn't LePaul have work on this? He designed a wallet for it...
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    Bottle Production

    You will need to wear a jacket for all of these though.
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    Stage Starter

    I don't think you understood what he meant by "major effect." A psychological force on the audience, more often than not, does not constitute a major effect. Banachek, for one, doesn't reccomend opening with a sequence of psychological forces on the entire audience.
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