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  1. FelixBodden

    Saturday Night Contest - Levitation

    Here's my entry. Cheers guys!
  2. FelixBodden

    Saturday Night Contest - Tribute to Rod

    Thank you! It's an honor for me. JoeyFX I loved your video. Cheers from DR!
  3. FelixBodden

    Saturday Night Contest - Tribute to Rod

    Hello guys, I made the video in a rush that's why is just 15 seconds (On instagram) I don't have the time to make another entry this weekend, hopefully that won't be a problem. Thank you. P.S. There's only one 3 of Clubs. I don't show the faces because the video wouldn't fit. The control is...
  4. FelixBodden

    Saturday Night Contest - Tribute to Rod

    Hey there. My entry is quite direct, no shuffling at all. Hope you guys like it!
  5. FelixBodden

    Saturday Night Contest - MC2 x 2014

    This is my entry. Hope you enjoy it. Cheers from the DR!!! Vimeo Link: If you want to see more of my magic, follow me on Instagram:
  6. FelixBodden

    Saturday Night Contest - theory11's Got Talent!

    Hey there, if I had to perform to you guys I will go with this routine I created in December last year. At that time I was doing the first "move" incorrectly but in a layman eyes it was perfect. Enjoy. Btw, I don't talk in this routine it was...
  7. FelixBodden

    The Art Of Magic

    I can't agree with you, here's why: I'm performing for a real audience when I go out and at the same time I'm sharing their experiences with others. I don't do it to show off but yes! I want people to see my work, get my name out there and if Youtube it's going to help me with that I got no...
  8. FelixBodden

    The Art Of Magic

    Hello there, In 2013 I started uploading magic videos to my Instagram account, it is without doubt an amazing tool to share ideas with others magicians and to amaze your friends; the main problem of using Instagram as a stage to perform are the limitations, for example, 15 seconds videos. So...
  9. FelixBodden

    Instagram Magic Compilation

    Appreciate it mate!
  10. FelixBodden

    Instagram Magic Compilation

    Hey there! Every time I have an idea I make a video out of it or if I'm practicing and I know it looks good it goes directly to my Instagram. Without doubt Instagram is like my diary but I know not everyone has an account there so I took 51 of my favorites illusions and put it all together in...
  11. FelixBodden

    Supporting Richard Widner

    Richard Widner is struggling with cancer and recently underwent surgery to have a tumor behind his eye removed. As if things couldn't get worse, his 2 year old daughter Sophia also has cancer and will be on chemotherapy for a year and a half. There is a...
  12. FelixBodden

    Saturday Night Contest - Wizard Wars

    Glad you guys liked it, thank you!
  13. FelixBodden

    Saturday Night Contest - Wizard Wars

    It took me around 6 hours to create and the result it's a flashy effect that I think would be a nice addition to my close-up repertoire, thanks for making my creativity flow. I'm aware the quality it's not the best, but that's the best I could do right...
  14. FelixBodden

    How do you answer the question "Do it agian" ?

    That's quite a good question, it depends of the trick/routine you're performing for instance if you are doing an ambitious card you won't have any trouble at all but if that's not the case and you just can't repeat the trick for any reason, you can say something like this: "I'll show you a...
  15. FelixBodden

    Saturday Night Contest - OK Go

    Hey guys, last wednesday someone stole my iPhone so I'm not able to record/ take a picture of something new so I'm just gonna submit an old illusion I have in my account. Good night.
  16. FelixBodden

    Saturday Night Contest - theory11 throwback

    This is my entry :) 1. Jason England 2. Apollo Robins 3. Jonathan Bayme 4. Andrei Jikh 5. Chris Mayhew 6. Homer Liwag or 1. Apollo Robins 2. Jesse Feinberg 3. Jonathan Bayme 4. Andrei Jikh 5. Chris Mayhew 6. Homer Liwag Good luck everyone!
  17. FelixBodden

    Saturday Night Contest - Fool Us!

    I don't know if Instagram is allowed but here's my entry, enjoy :)
  18. FelixBodden

    Attraction - A Sandwich Routine

    I took in count what you said, there's a new trailer now. Cheers!
  19. FelixBodden

    Attraction - A Sandwich Routine

    Hey guys! Today I just released "Attraction" This routine has been my opener for the past 4 years, it's inspired by Armando Lucero & Aaron Fisher. It kills every single time because is magic for the real world! not to mention there are two handlings in the explanation. Go check it out...
  20. FelixBodden

    Saturday Night Contest - Lost and Found

    Here's my entry, is simple but it just works.
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