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    Saturday Night Contest - The Artist Trivia Challenge

    Tom Daniel Eric Dan Chris Andrei Doug
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    Saturday Night Contest - The Artist Trivia Challenge

    Tom Daniel Garcia Eric Dan Andrei Chris Doug
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    Saturday Night Contest - The Artist Trivia Challenge

    Chris Daniel Garcia Tom Dan Andrei Eric Doug
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    Saturday Night Contest - The Artist Trivia Challenge

    Chris Daniel Garcia Eric Dan Andrei Tom Doug
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    Saturday Night Contest - The Artist Trivia Challenge

    1.Chris 2. Daniel Garcia 3.Tom 4.Andrei 5.Dan 6.Eric 7.Doug
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    Saturday Night Contest - The Blaine Effect

    David Blaine is an insperation not only to me but every single magician out there. When David Blaines first TV special came out i had been doing magic for a while but never performed for real people. I heard about the special so me, like many people got excited and watched. When i saw the way...
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    Saturday Night Contest: Merry Chris(Kenner)mas : 2nd Annual

    Im looking through all these and all are great! But remember its the most "ridiculous" will win and i think i know who that is.... Goodluck to all!
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    Saturday Night Contest - A Night in The Alley

    Katie 179 JB Andrei Bryant ---------------------- Katie 181 Andrei Bryant JB ---------------------- Katie 167 Bryant JB Andrei
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    DanandDave + BGD

    Im currently the highest bidder! This would go nice with my deck of split spades used in the split spades trailer video by D&D.
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    theory11 roundtable discussion : b.Smith + Dan White

    How was it working with DB? Was it fun all the time or were there a lot of serious moments? Any funny, amzing or interesting story while working with DB? On a scale of 1 to 10, what would you rate your polriod changem compared to other changes such as shapeshifter? PS shape shifter was...
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    Petition: New Avatar for d+M

    I like cats but wow 22 votes for turtles!!! Meow..
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    Jerry's Nuggets Pictures

    Now you help do i get faces on the other side?lol
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    Jerry's Nuggets Pictures
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    Media Section Issue

    Yea the vids dont work for me either! Not even if i scroll down, and dont want to download firefox stuff. Please change it T11 lol!
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    High Quality Jerry Scans

    If i could have a scanned deck to please! (email) Thank you
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    theory11 roundtable discussion - Daniel Garcia Edition

    How much have you helped David Blaine? What is your hardest slight you can do and how long did it take you to master it? How did you find your performnce style and has it affected your magic in any way?
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    Color Change in Guardian Trailer

    But was that change in the demo?... Better not be!
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    Spend a week with Michael Ammar, W:H, Aaron Fisher, & Lee Asher

    So Lee Asher, Wayne Houchin, Aaron Fisher is all from T11 that will be going?
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    The Next 1-on-1...

    I dont own TOOC...yet...but the only other trick i know that could qualify as a 1on1 and not yet said is over 21 to enter. Then agian its probably not that...
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    Warning! Stop doing coin magic!

    Im sorry your brother died...and to everyone else his brother died!!!! Dont go on saying its are fault? It may not be coin magicians, but let him go easy!
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