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    Old Bicycle Cards. What to do?

    here's a crazy idea (and skimming through responses, no one seems to have mentioned it...) Use them to actually PLAY CARD GAMES with friends - after all, they are "playing cards". I freak whenever my friends touch my new decks, so I keep my old ones for Poker and stuff. Also, I usually...
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    strong magic, designing miracles

    I got mine from trickshop magic when they had this crazy sale. I ended up getting a discount, a free DVD and some free IET with my order. get on twitter, follow magicians/vendors and wait for all the christmas/boxing day sales....
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    The Tarbell Course in Magic

    I've been hesitant to post this up, mainly out of greed (trying to score the best deal possible, and didn't want competition) I picked up each volume (used, of course) on e-bay for no more than $15 each (shipping included). Some I bought separately, some I bought in groups, but I now have all...
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    T11 Alignment Problem

    Here's a bit of irony... this thread was on JDENredden's twitter feed and it sounded like something serious. at the time I was reading it on my iPhone, so when I clicked the link, it brought me here, but of course I couldn't read it, and figured it was more serious. lol.
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    List of Stuff to Get

    Even the effects I didn't really like had good ideas in them. Also, after seeing them live at his lecture, I liked them all alot better. Ironically enough, I think most, if not all of the Symphony stuff will be on the new DG Project Volumes coming out (obviously, with much much more new...
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    Canada + UPS = Bad

    just a little addition... I went to pick up my package today from the depot (i didn't have the cash on hand at the door) and the guys right in front of me got busted for picking two packages of drugs. The police ran in and shouted "You're under arrest!" and tackled the guys. All this...
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    Canada + UPS = Bad

    well, yeah, i hope i was clear enough in my first post, but i wasn't blaming t11 at all. It's all UPS. I just want any other Canadians to know that, so that they don't choose that option. I'm researching the customs thing now....
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    Canada + UPS = Bad

    Just a quick note for all Canadian shoppers on T11, avoid the UPS option. It looks cheaper, but there's a $40+ "brokerage fee" that I had no idea about that UPS charges. It sucks. Big time. I've bought from t11 before and i guess i never used UPS because I've never had to pay those ridiculous...
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    Ellusionist Or theory11

    In terms of "Who's better?", my answer is: they both take Visa. They offer different products, so it's hard to compare head on. Both offer a variety of decks that perform as good or better than standard bikes. T11's prices are slightly (read: much) more reasonable than E's, but E has more...
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    What Do YOU Want For Christmas?

    that was my subtle hint that I wanted some....
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    What Do YOU Want For Christmas?

    -Tarbell 2, 6, 7, & 8. -A copy of Ortiz's Strong Magic -a pack or two of white cents.
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    What does your deck say about you?

    What does my deck(s) say about me? Well, - I like having more than one - I like to switch them up frequently - I like them black, I like them white, I like them any colour of the rainbow if they look right. - I'm not afraid to turn away a deck that I don't think looks or feels good enough...
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    Invisible Deck?

    TBH, I think it's a good buy. Yeah, you can make one for cheaper only slightly though, but it only makes sense if you use it often enough to make 5-6. But overall, Pros -Cheap - under $15 -Easy to learn for beginners -Easy to create a new routine/presentation for -Strong effect...
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    Neil Patrick Harris

    Yeah, he's on a Reel Magic DVD, but I don't know in what capacity... Is that what you're referring to? (the spinning DVD rack near the front?)
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    Most underrated magician in the present day?

    I guess that depends on your definition of underrated. I think a performer of his caliber should have the brand awareness of Copperfield, Blaine or Angel. If he doesn't, he isn't receiving the credit that he deserves, and thus, is underrated.
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    Most underrated magician in the present day?

    That's EXACTLY my point though. He's always "that asian magician on youtube" or "the guy that pulls the hamburger out of the sign." If someone says David Blaine, Criss Angel, or David Copperfield everyone knows who they're talking about. Try saying Cyril Takayama outside of the magic...
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    Most underrated magician in the present day?

    this is going to sound strange at first, because he's pretty well known in the community, and pretty well known in asia, but I think Cyril Takayama is one of the most underrated performers of magic (at least here in North America). I like his style because he doesn't overdo it too much in...
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    Karnival Assassins

    not loving the artwork, but ESPECIALLY hating the backs.
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    Is Jason England teaching incorrect methods?

    Sounds like it. Both are different but useful, and can be made to look natural with practice. I think the most important thing to note however, that knowing how to do both (so that you don't look like someone who's THAT comfortable with something like a second deal) works well because you...
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    Returning Playing Cards

    you know, I'm not sure what it is, but lately, I've been noticing that too, not to mention I've been noticing a lot of similar complaints... so depending on how offcentre they are, I just might complain. If they're really bad, I totally advise it.
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