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  1. VagueTheory

    Saturday Night Contest - theory11 turns 14!

    I grew up during the boom of card flourishing, so Dan and Dave was one of my biggest inspirations at the time. I first saw that they were going to be one of the first 11 members of theory11 so obviously, I was intrigued. Through watching the introductory videos of all of the original "founders"...
  2. VagueTheory

    Saturday Night Contest - 4th of July!

    9 of Hearts Jack of Hearts 5 of Clubs Jack of Spades
  3. VagueTheory

    Saturday Night Contest - Guess The Cards!

    Jack of Hearts Nine of Hearts 10 of Clubs 6 of Spades
  4. VagueTheory

    I’m BAD

    " "Success" only comes before "work" in the dictionary. " My parents have "called me out" on a trick plenty of times during my 12 years in magic. Yes, it feels bad, but that's why I practice until I am extremely confident before I perform for any friends and family (people I perform for the...
  5. VagueTheory

    Saturday Night Contest - Which Hand?

    Left Left Left Right Left Right Right
  6. VagueTheory

    Ricky Jay has passed...

    We all thank Ricky for what he has done for the art of magic. He will be dearly missed.
  7. VagueTheory

    Saturday Night Contest - Hudson Card Lotto!

    Card 1: 9 of Hearts Card 2: 10 of Hearts Card 1: 4 of Diamonds Card 2: Jack Of Spades
  8. VagueTheory

    What is the best ACAAN?

    Patrick Redford's "Applesauce" is by far, my absolute favorite. The spectators can shuffle the deck before anything is done.
  9. VagueTheory

    Morgan revolution (or what ever you call it)

    Sorry if this post doesn't contribute to the original intent of this post, but I just want to say that the move looks fantastic.
  10. VagueTheory

    Make a Spreadsheet!

    This is a neat idea. I'll definitely look into it. I often forget an effect that I've already feel comfortable performing and after a performance, will go, "Dang! Why didn't I perform that one?!"
  11. VagueTheory

    Had the weirdest "heckler" the other day...

    Instances like that are nearly impossible to prevent. You just gotta (try to) make the best of the situation. I think for the Biddle Trick effect you did, you were right to continue on. And like you said, it was a kid....and sometimes, kids can be...."strange." That's the nicest way I'll put it.
  12. VagueTheory

    Pass Troubles

    If you do a quick search within the forums, you can find a couple of threads where forum members have given great advice.
  13. VagueTheory

    magic book game

    Dominatricks by Tyler Wilson. A book about female magicians who....dominate....male performing magic of course.
  14. VagueTheory

    Which of the Art of Astonishment books is best to start?

    You can't go wrong with any of Paul Harris's material. The effects in all of the AoA series are truly real workers. You'll have a great time going through the first volume.
  15. VagueTheory


    No right or wrong answer exists for this one. I think the best way for us to give you any advice is for you to shoot a video of yourself performing it with the different patters. In the end, when you have performed enough, you will find out which patter works the best for YOU. Remember, your...
  16. VagueTheory

    Positive Role Models

    I don't go to lectures or conventions that often, but when I do, I meet A LOT of great magicians who have influenced me the same way Michael Ammar has done you. I went to the TRICs Convention in North Carolina in 2015 and met one of my childhood idols, Daniel Garcia. He was so polite, well...
  17. VagueTheory

    $10 or under suggestion?

    I have "The Force" by Mathieu Bich ($3.95) and "Twitch" by Eric Simmatis ($4.95). They are both wonderful sleights and you can get both for within your price range.
  18. VagueTheory

    Anyone else ever get this?

    I think reactions like that are a small case of low self esteem, as in, people who don't like to be "tricked" because they'll feel like fools. To some of these people, no matter how inviting we are as performers, they will never get over the idea that "This guy is about to trick me. I'm not...
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