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  1. lolhammertime

    Best place to buy custom decks of cards (Los Angeles area)

    Hello! My mom is out on a business trip in L.A. and she has a few days of free time to buy nice decks of cards for me. Where is the best place to buy cool decks? (Don't say Walmart, Walgreens or Target. I'm talking magic shops)
  2. lolhammertime

    Difference between the NYSM2 deck and a regular Monarch deck?

    Hello! I recently saw that theory11 made a new limited deck for the upcoming NYSM2 movie. I know that the box is different, but that's the only thing I know. The cards look pretty much the same to me. Is there any difference I'm missing out on? Any slight color differences I overlooked? Thanks...
  3. lolhammertime

    Where to make your own deck?

    Hello people! I want to make a deck customized to my own liking, and I already have an idea on it, I just need to know a website where I can have it printed. Also I want to choose the stock, cut, and finish. And lastly, it needs to have capability to do custom faces. Is there any existing...
  4. lolhammertime

    Questions about "Smooth Finish"

    Hello! I recently bought a pack of smooth finish cards and I was wondering if humidity affects the cards like it does to a pack of air cushion finish cards? Does it make the cards soggy like air cushion? Also, does the finish "wear off" like air cushion? Will it reach a point where it will no...
  5. lolhammertime

    Close-Up Pad substitutes?

    Hello! I can't really afford a close-up mat right now, but I need a soft surface to practice magic, ribbon spreads, tabled flourishes, etc... Any ideas on a cheap alternative? And no, I don't have a carpet in my house.
  6. lolhammertime

    Riffle fan tips?

    Hello! I recently learned the riffle fan, and I'm hoping some of you could spare some tips? When I perform the riffle fan, it only fans halfway... Not a full circle fan unlike most others. Can anyone help me get it to a full circle? Thanks in advance!
  7. lolhammertime

    Is this an original color change?

    Link: I discovered this card flick/color change a few weeks ago while experimenting on card flicks. I was performing it to my friend and he asked if it was original. I had to say "I'm not sure". Now before you say anything, this is not the duck change. I haven't seen anyone do this color...
  8. lolhammertime

    Is my original flourish good enough to publish?

    Hello guys (and girls probably) I'm planning to release an original flourish on The It's a sequence called "snake" that starts off in a triangle display, then a square display, then a werm-like display (note that it's much different from the werm), and an aerial in the end. I need some...
  9. lolhammertime

    Creating an artist account for minors?

    Hello! I was planning to release an original flourish, so I tried to sign up for an artist account. However there were some stuff that I had to fill in (marked with an asterisk), like stuff about checks and whatnot. I'm a minor and I don't have my own bank account, so I can't fill it up...
  10. lolhammertime

    Prerequisites for Solo by Michael James?

    So I'm planning to buy Solo by Michael James and I want to know what flourishes I need to know before I buy? I'm in the intermediate level in cardistry, if that helps. If anyone can kindly make a list of stuff I need to learn first, it would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance!
  11. lolhammertime

    How to do a faro cascade with an old deck of cards?

    Hello readers! I really love the faro cascade flourish, it just looks beautiful. What I've noticed, though, is that old decks of cards can't cascade (sometimes it can, but it's really hard), it just falls down in one huge chunk instead of one-by-one even with a perfect faro. And I don't want to...
  12. lolhammertime

    Any tips on preserving the finish of playing cards?

    It's kinda sad though, that for some reason, cards clump up and lose their finish way faster for me than other people. I've tried washing my hands before using and pretty much every deck loses its finish in 2 weeks (3-4 weeks for Tally-Ho and Bee) and can no longer fan. I don't really like the...
  13. lolhammertime

    Who else thinks Theory11 should make minimalistic cards?

    I think if Theory11 plans to release a new deck soon, it should be simple. Not that I don't like sophisticated back designs, I do, but I think that a minimalistic brand of cards would be nice. Actually, I would rather choose a very simple deck than a complex-looking deck of cards (too bad...
  14. lolhammertime

    Is it normal to get callus from cardistry?

    So I finally learned the spring! :D I was practicing the spring for like an hour now, and my thumb is REALLY painful and I'm getting callus on the side of my thumb. Is that normal?, because I'm worrying right now.
  15. lolhammertime

    Question about Tally-Ho finish

    So I'm a "noob" on stuff about playing cards because I only started collecting recently so anyways I have two decks of tally-ho cards (one fan back and one circle back). The fan back handles very similarly to Bicycle cards and has a very similar feel. For some reason, the circle back is sticky...
  16. lolhammertime

    Equations that always end at 13?

    So I recently bought a gaff deck and I want to use the 13 of diamonds with math. I'm planning to do a trick where the participant gets their age, blah blah blah (insert math here) and it should end at the number 13. If you know any, please tell me some equations?
  17. lolhammertime

    There's a flourish I keep seeing, but I don't know what it's called

    there's this one flourish I really wanna learn, but I don't know what it's called it's driving me nuts, I don't know the name!
  18. lolhammertime

    Problems with some flourishes

    I am having problems with various flourishes for different reasons. Charlier cut & all one handed cuts: my hands are too tiny to hold two packets in one hand Spring: Either my thumb hurts and I can't spring the cards or I can spring but can't catch Thumb Fan: I can fan but it ends up fanning...
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