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    Anyone want to battle?

    any one want to battle in a rising card battle or any other type of battle?
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    Masked Magician is Back!

    I was watching masters of illusion and it went to commercial sayin the masked magician was back and it was ganna be right after maskers of illusion. whats up with that? how can he get a show after he failed to do the most simple card trick?
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    Silly Magic - Battle

    make a video of u performing a silly or funny or strange effect kinda like how u would to a little kid or just being hilarious any one wanna challenge :D
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    The Stag Tutorial

    has the stag been released yet?
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    Change It Up

    chang it up some editing i did last night with some color changes tell me wat u think
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    YouTube Problems

    i uploaded a video to youtube and the audio wont play because you tube says that because it is violating copy right infrigment!!! this has never happen before wat do i do?
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    Teens on Masters of Illusions

    hey how did those teens get on masters of illusions? do they belong to the magic castle junior society?
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    Slip Shot Battle?

    any one wanna battle me at slip shot by chris kenner rules has to be slip shot by chris kenner any thing else goes who's in?
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    Bill Malone - NBC's Hidden Secrets of Magic

    just watch bill malone is awesome
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    X Finger

    does any one have this and can write a review give me a review
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    Video production project

    hey wats up theory11 land, i am doing a video on montage for my contempary video class and i wnat to do it on magic and flourishing, the thing is im not much of a fluorisher :( i know a little but they are just some false cuts, so i am asking u guys to send me some video to use i really need it...
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    Thoughts on the Gecko?

    can someone write a review of the gecko i am thinking about getting it. i need to know things like is it easy to set up, easy to use, is it practical to use ect...
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    hey does Riot use a gimmick? and if it does is it easy to setup and is it practical?
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    Open Mike Night

    at my school there is going to be an open mike night and i would lov to perform some magic any suggestions for wat effects i should perform?
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    Magicians in California?

    any one here from california? let me know
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    Fed-Ex Ground

    how long does it take to ship with fed ex ground to southern california?
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    Ring Manipulation

    hey wats a good dvd or book on ring manipulation? leave a link if u can ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ peace
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    Any Magicians in Long Beach or Huntington Beach?

    hey r there any magicians long beach california or huntington beach california i could use som advise so i can start gettin better then i already am
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