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    Embedding T11 videos

    Go to Most of their stuff is on there.
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    Nail Biting Habit

    Use bad tasting nail polish
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    Hobbies and Personal Interests

    Hey everyone, So, over the winter holiday I participated in an event called Trixmas and I had a great time catching up with old friends and made a bunch of new people as well. For those who don't know what Trixmas is, it was an event that was held in Langley, BC, Canada for Trickers. It...
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    My Playing Card Collection

    That's a nice collection you have there. - EyeOfDeception
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    Exile Gimmick

    Hey guys, I just got exile on Monday and I have been playing around with it for a couple of days now. My question is how do you guys store that "special something"? I stored mine in a ziploc bag and it still dried up. Any ideas? - EyeOfDeception
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    Calling All Canadian Magicians!

    And you spelled Canadian wrong! =]
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    Calling All Canadian Magicians!

    Surrey, BC (like 30min away from Van.) Shout out to RebelAce! haha - EyeOfDeception
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    You commented on my video about if lived I lived in Vancouver about a week ago, yes i do live in...

    You commented on my video about if lived I lived in Vancouver about a week ago, yes i do live in the Van area. I live in Surrey.
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    Exile Review

    Nice analogy Katie. - EyeOfDeception
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    David Copperfield Live in Vancouver!

    I was there =] I was up on the balcony though. I found the show a bit short. What did you think?
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    Split Spades Queen : Hidden Reveal

    This may have been posted before, if so i couldn't find it. Anyway my Split Spades were sitting on my desk and I noticed that the queen of spades is holding the four of spades in her hands. I just just thought I'd share. =] - EyeOfDecpetion
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    Payment on Theory11

    This topic has been brought up plenty of times in the past. I'm sure that Theory11 has discussed this in the past before and have their reasons for not using paypal and if I remember correctly they do have an option for paypal somewhere I do not remember the details exactly. It had something to...
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    David Copperfield

    Yeap. He's performing at the Centre in Vancouver for Performing Arts .
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    David Copperfield

    David Copperfield is performing in Vancouver from the 23-26 this month. I'm going to see him on the 26th. Anyone else in the area going to go see him?
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    I made a teacher sit quietly at her desk and not say anything for the rest of the class doing Stigmata once.
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    Thanks. I really appreciate it!

    Thanks. I really appreciate it!
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    THAT was the "Dive of Death"?

    ending = O_o;;
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    theory11 news bulletin 09/10/08 : Special Presentation

    Hopefully it's the wire. Even if it isn't, knowing T11 it will probably still be pretty cool. =]
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    Yo what's up?

    Yo what's up?
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