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  1. Holyshnikes

    Quantum Mechanics

    Really looking forward to getting this, but I always wait for the reviews before I buy it. Anyone get it yet? Any impressions? Thoughts? Etc? Looks cool. I love the trasnposition tricks.
  2. Holyshnikes

    eXile :: by Mathieu Bich

    Any coin will work really. I would read some reviews on it before buying.
  3. Holyshnikes

    Looking for rubber band magic books

    Thanks for the suggestions guys. I am pretty close to Denny and Lee's Magic shop so I guess I can go and grab those books from there. They will probably have some good suggestions for me as well. Yes! Rubber band crave is about to be fed.
  4. Holyshnikes

    Looking for rubber band magic books

    I have been in a rubber band kick recently, and I was wondering if there were any good recommendations for books dealing with exclusively rubber band magic? Suggestions would be great :) Thanks guys.
  5. Holyshnikes

    Jay Noblezada's MagicMez

    If you have been around penguinmagic for some time you might have noticed some hype aboutJay Noblezada's new magician website he created. The idea? Have members pay a monthly fee for their unlimited magician lessons, tutorials, lectures, essays, and more!!! What a great idea! Though it is...
  6. Holyshnikes

    When Should We "Clean Up?"

    I usually do it on an off beat/guard moment. Something that happens very natural in magic, especially after just performing a trick. Usually not ASAP - but some tricks require you to HAVE to do that.
  7. Holyshnikes

    To Everybody creating "new" effects.

    A while back I decided I wantd to put some of my own effects that I have into a written form. I had a bunch of ideas that I wanted to archive for my own use, and eventually, maybe even sell. Before I did so, I emailed Lee Asher. His response, was some of the best advice I have ever recieved...
  8. Holyshnikes

    Essential Books?

    I can't help it if I find out how something is done without reading it. It just comes to me, as I am sure it comes to many other magicians. Like being able to spot a DL. Another book I don't own, but one I plan on getting very soon is Designing Miracles. Wayne is doing a Junto session on...
  9. Holyshnikes

    Essential Books?

    I have not read all of the books you have listed, but I can say that the majority of books that I have read, usually have similar tricks in them. For example, Paul Harris's Unshuffling rebecca is a variation on idea of "triumph" which has been published in a number of different books. I was...
  10. Holyshnikes

    Essential Books?

    If you are looking for trick books, I don't really think you are going to find a better selection than what you already have. Most of the tricks in other books are simply variations on moves in the books you have listed. I would say that if you are looking into just good magic books that...
  11. Holyshnikes

    theory11.bulletin : Daniel Madison - 3D Magic Spectacular

    Anyone know if they will be uploading this or perhaps showing it in the US? I would like to see it.
  12. Holyshnikes

    Inside - Daniel Madison

    Doesn't d+M have some tricks that have video footage with it as well? Are they going to be on it, like a DVD in the back of the book, or are those tricks "weaker" as well and taken out?
  13. Holyshnikes

    Handout500 Steve Haynes/Paul Harris vs. Extreme Burn

    Nice review. I always wanted to get Extreme Burn to get the exact method he uses, there have been so many different bill changes published its hard to keep up with them all. But I do like the idea of handing the bills out right away. For me, just watching the previews, I would say that the...
  14. Holyshnikes

    Lee Asher lectures in Japan (November 2009)

    Didn't they film Lord of the Rings in NZ? That's pretty magical. :)
  15. Holyshnikes

    Split Spades Vs Guardians ... ?

    Don't get me wrong. I absolutly love the look of the Guardians. They probably are my favorite deck. far as durability and smoothness (is that a word?) split spades are WWWAAAYYY better. Let me give you an example. I used my blue deck of SS for about 2 weeks and I really tore it up...
  16. Holyshnikes

    Lee Asher's BS Control

    Dee, I wasn't trying to come off as negative towards you. It was a discussion, I liked your responses, so I responded back with some of my own insites. No harm was intended as I didn't see my responses directed at you as an attack of any kind. Cheers man.
  17. Holyshnikes

    Lee Asher's BS Control

    Yet Witness is still for sale. :)
  18. Holyshnikes

    Lee Asher's BS Control

    Lee, I am sure left because he is persuing other things. He has been all over the place recently, and is even preparing for a trip to Japan I believe. Dee - I understand your point, but I still don't see why even if your contract was up, would you want to take a download down that could...
  19. Holyshnikes

    Lee Asher's BS Control

    Dee - I understand your point, but it doesnt make sense to put out an exclusive 1 on 1 for Theory 11 and then take it down when the contract is up. If Chris Kenner decided to do that half of the 1 on 1's would be missing.
  20. Holyshnikes

    Twitter Follow Me Thread

    Ill bite.
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