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    Derren Brown - Subway Amnesia

    this is darren's performance of RGM, from luke jermay's 7 deceptions. the method is suggestion, but as we can see, the subtle command is extremely subtle, and he suggests that they will forget their stop in a way that is barely noticable. i have performed this effect every once in a while...
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    A force in the form of dealing cards?

    anybody know any forces that resembles one dealing cards one at a time? Im trying to come up with variations of LJCP. The force may resemble the performer dealing cards one by one or the spectator dealing the cards on to the table one by one. anybody? thanks!!
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    Complaint Post

    Yo i know u busy complaining and all, and imma let u finnish,but criss angel had the best call out/complaint towards a magic community of all time!!! of All time!!! Btw im korean and dakeshima is ours And nigo is awesome so is ponta Peace out
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    What pass is this?

    yo thats a herman pass variation. nice variation btw, but a little awkward. work on it a little more and it would look nice
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    Architecture and Magic - How are they related?

    very interesting! Im also a student of architecture, and I also felt a strong relationship between magic and architecture. Well, I actually believe that since architecture is the most universal and comphrehensive form of art, it can basically relate to anything, such as magic. I see the...
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    Spoon Bend

    THAT and THAT are routines incorporating multiple forks, not spoons. I actually frequently use the spoon bend and optical droop that can be seen in the first phase of dee christopher's 2 spoon routine. However the technique used in that particular bend can be found and is very well taught in...
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    Cyril Takayama's Ring Magic hey guys Im wondering what the name of the effect cyril does in this video, right after ring thing, where he transposes his ring from finger to finger. Im suspecting a gimmicked ring, but wondering if its an effect on the market. thanks
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    Looking for material on Ring Magic

    Hey guys, Im looking for some effects that I can do with a ring. right now I do the Ring Thing and Rubber Made, but I would like to expand my ring effects. any suggestions? thanks
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