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    SB magic email

    Really funny video I found. Some people may recognize this. It's with Strongbad making fun of magic, and some people like David Blaine.
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    Tres Pass

    I was wondering, do you need to be able to do the original pass to do the tres pass move? And if you do, is it still at least a little easier than the original pass?
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    Learning the pass?

    Ninja is good but you still need to basiclly be able to do the pass. If you do learn it the ninja routine is great
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    Control Download ZIP Problem

    thanks, I'll tr downloading it again then.
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    Control Download ZIP Problem

    when I download control, my file downloads really fast, and then when I try to unzip it, it won't let me. I only have one try left, and I've already sumbitted a ticket to support. If I use up my last try, will support still be able to help me?
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    ZIP Files Extraction

    I have the same problem with my download. I only have one try left, and I've already submitted a ticket to support about it. If I use up my last try, will support still be able to help me?
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    DVD vs. Download

    does the download have everything on the DVD? and can you burn the download to a blank dvd?
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    Merry Christmas Thread!

    12:22 P.M from Milwaukee! Merry Christmas Everyone!
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    Saturday Night Contest : Wayne Houchin Facts

    Wayne Houchin really is Harry potter.
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    What do you do if you win the contest?

    What do you do if you win the holiday contest? do you have to anounce it in any way, or let theory 11 know? p.s Does anyone know anything about the wire?
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    Your opinion on Loops

    loops are great but break easily. You have to know how to take care of them. the Loops vol. 1 DVD that ellusionist sells is great for those who are just getting into loops.
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    Wynn Decks Sold Out Time

    what's about the time that the wynn decks become sold out each day? Will I have to get up at midnight just to get my decks?
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    Is Bullet better than Factory Sealed?

    I really preffer factory sealed over bullet, even though bullet is impromptu. Just compare them. With bullet, you get a lighting fast penetration into a borrowed and emptied bottle. With factory sealed, you show a factory sealed bottle. You borrow a coin, and you slowly melt their coin into this...
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    I feel so stupid. I've been in magic for a 4-5 months now, and I don't exactly know what a routine is. Does it mean just a bunch of tricks strung together, or could it just be one kind of trick? :confused:
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    Saturday Night Contest: Crazy Cuts!

    crap. couldn't submit it in time.
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    Saturday Night Contest: Crazy Cuts!

    I was thinking about entering, but after seeing this:eek:, I just forgot about it. I might try just for the heck of it.
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    Happy Birthday Dan and Dave!

    Man, you guys are only 23, and look at all the things you've done! It's incredible! happy b-day Dan and Dave!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Jones Change Refilmed - Release Date?

    does anyone know where on the site it wil be up for download, because I don't want to miss this
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    The Trilogy Purchase

    I'm guessing its the select tricks and flourishes from the 1-on-1 section, so you'll be able to start learning right away.
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    Trilogy 2nd Edition Video Review

    oh well, thanks. I didn't know it was shot in HD
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