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  1. CWhite

    Trick History

    So, I'm working on something and to research if it's been done before, all I have is the Conjuring Archive. Aside from directly asking @RealityOne lol Are there any other online resources? Seems now I'm researching.. resources.. my head hurts.. Send help lol
  2. CWhite

    Playing card news story

    Thought some of you might be interested in this.. Cheers..
  3. CWhite

    Holiday Wheel 2020

    Any news on the much anticipated wheel? Or has this bloody year shut that down as well. I truly hope that the Theory11 powers that be bring us all some holiday magic. I'm not sure how everyone did last year, for me it was a glimpse into how this year has been lol Cheers!!!!
  4. CWhite

    Cool magic article

    I came across this surfing the web, this morning. Great article about magic, life nowadays and escaping reality.
  5. CWhite


    Just a common sense heads up. DO NOT light your BBQ with a Pyro Pen. The results are terrifyingly explosive. This statement is for people, like myself, who lack common sense and self control. #TheMoreYouKnow
  6. CWhite

    Dollar Bill

    I was watching some videos of Ryan Tricks, been a fan of his for a long time. He's done this effect quite a bit and I'm wondering if anyone knows if it is his own, or if it's marketed. In short a tiny note is discovered inside a dollar bill. The spectator rips the bill in half in order to pull...
  7. CWhite

    Smoke device

    Does anyone know of a good smoke emitting device? I've heard Lynx is loud and faulty and the cube isn't meant for close up. I'm looking for something you Can do close up and inconspicuous. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks gals and guys...
  8. CWhite

    Flap cards

    Is there a resource for this? A DVD or download with ideas and applications for this visual effect? Thanks in advance!!
  9. CWhite

    The Great Magic Hall

    Has anyone ever been to this place? It's in Florida, 7 minutes from Disney World. I want to check it out, but I'd be interested to hear if anyone of you've been there. Thanks.
  10. CWhite

    Elastic Thread

    I was told I could find some (for flap cards) at arts and craft stores. I went to Michael's, which is the largest of that type of store in Canada. Couldn't find anything. Am I looking for the wrong thing? Any help would be appreciated. Cheers!
  11. CWhite

    David Blaine

    Ok, so I'm rewatching for like the hundredth time this first special I believe "Street Magic"... When he is doing the "bite quarter" montage at about the 15 minute mark. He does it to this girl really dirty, her fingers covered in silver paint. At about the 22 minute mark, he does a mind...
  12. CWhite

    Flash Paper

    Good morning everyone. I have a quick question. Is there a type of flash paper that has a sound like a cap gun or a loud pop? I tried Google but it listed flash paper from those Asian websites. I've been told the paper from those sites can be very unpredictable. Thanks and cheers!! PS...
  13. CWhite


    Any of you guys and gals living in California, I hope you're doing well with all them earthquakes. Stay safe people!! Magic related.... If Houdini were still alive AND performing, which magician could you see opening for him? I could see Justin Wilman or Adam Trent. Both likable and funny guys...
  14. CWhite

    Indian magician feared drowned

    Seemingly tragic story as the magician known as Mandrake attempted a Houdini escape and never resurfaced. The full story here.....
  15. CWhite

    USPCC sold to Cartamundi group

    Wow, this is huge!!
  16. CWhite

    I stumbled upon....

    As the thread says.. so I was jamming to some '80's classics on YouTube (Yes I'm old). I came upon a song by Juice Newton called Queen of Hearts. To my surprise during the music video someone was doing queen of heart card reveal tricks... Made me wonder what other music videos had actual magic...
  17. CWhite

    RIP Johnny Thompson

    Just heard the news. So very sad. He was a mentor to so many legends of magic. Wow. Heartbreaking.
  18. CWhite

    King Slayer / Fontaine?

    Sorry if this has been posted before, but has anyone noticed how the King Slayer playing cards from Ellusionist look like Fontaines? I just noticed it myself and was like whoa!.. Thoughts?
  19. CWhite

    Double Cross

    I tried the site No 'contact us' portion. I have an issue with re-capping, can anyone with the product DM me with advice, for me it looks very awkward.
  20. CWhite

    The Illusionists

    So last night my wife took me to see the Illusionists. The show was fantastic. The highlights for me was Adam Trent and Colin Cloud. Adam Trent is a very friendly and personable magician. He just genuinely seems happy to be performing. The effects he did went over very well, however his...
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