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    one video |-| two editing styles - JFX

    I would assume that he means that most of the time the camera is stationary and you stand in one place. At least that's what I understood from what he said but great video by the way :).
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    Icarus sequence

    I think I remember seeing a comment on their YouTube channel saying that they were working on it and it will come out soon.
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    Sweaty hands

    Wash your hands A LOT and also don't eat many greasy foods cause that can cause sweating. Sorry for not going into extreme detail.
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    theory11 been very quiet on producing new cards?

    I also don't find it weird. Most people from both of the companies are great I buy magic from both cause they're equally awesome.
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    theory11 been very quiet on producing new cards?

    I know we're talking about cards here but I just want to say I can't wait for the new project with Wayne Houchin to be revealed. So excited!
  6. R down?

    That's just you mine works fine.
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    Original or adapted concept? Publish or not?

    What magician doesn't know what the shake change is?
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    Quitting Cardistry To Do Magic....

    I say you can do both, just perform magic regularly and you will be pressured to learn more magic and just learn flourishes on the side. Here's an idea for you, make a schedule to where you practice flourishes every other and then practice magic every other day so you will be alternating days of...
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    One handed cuts question

    Yes, yes you should. Most of these big flourishes that you see guys like Dan and Dave doing are based off of the small one handed cuts. When you learn the cuts your hands learn flexibility and you get used to I guess "flourishy style" for lack of better words. Hope that helps.
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    Starting out in Cardistry

    I guarantee that 99% of people will say that Genesis by Andrei Jikh is the best place to start.
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    Yeah I've been more physically and socially active in the past few days and was wondering if that had anything to do with it. Thanks :)
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    Lately I've been feeling that my flow is off. Not on any particular flourish just flourishing in general my flow is kinda got worse than it was a few days ago. Are my hands just tired? What are some tips for having flow in your cardistry and magic.
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    Bullet and Flicker

    I'm having trouble using bullet and flicker in tandem. They don't compliment each other well and it's weird when I do it. Any pointers are much appreciated.
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    Were do they declare ExposeCommentContest Winners?

    That happens every next Expose which comes out every Friday.
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    Saturday Night Contest - Cards With Water

    It can be on imgur right?
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    Performance improvement DVD

    Like maybe the DVD Bold by Justin Miller. Would anyone recommend that?
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    What tunes do you jam to?

    Gorillaz is one of my favorites, especially the plastic beach album.
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    Performance improvement DVD

    I'm looking for audience control, sorry should have been more specific.
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    Performance improvement DVD

    Can anyone recommend me a performance improvement DVD.
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    One Move Or Several?

    I've been meaning to ask a question about this I just didn't know how to put it. Sorry for my totally unhelpful comment.
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