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    Hypnotic Cardistry Moves?

    I was watching a very mesmerizing ring manipulation video and wondered if there was any cardistry moves that have the same vibe as this. Does anyone know any cardistry moves that have the same mesmerizing vibe as the ring manipulation in the video? The video is called "Hypnotizing Optical...
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    Who makes the best custom coin gaffs?

    I'm thinking about getting a custom coin gaff. Who do you think makes the best coin gaffs in terms of quality, price and reliability?
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    What is the difference?

    What is the difference between a pro g****** fl****r coin and a normal g****** fl****r coin? The description says “The Pro G****** Fl****r has an internal groove system, where there is no visible groove from the outer edge of the insert coin.” but I don’t understand what that means. Also, is a...
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    Where can I learn this?

    I just got into coin manipulation/flourishing and I am really enjoying it! I found a really cool trick dynamo does that I'd really like to learn. Does anyone know where I can learn this?
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    This is truly hilarious!

    This woman's reaction to Michael Carbonaro's magic is the most entertaining reaction I've ever seen! What is the most entertaining reaction you have ever seen?
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    Where can I find this trick

    Hello everyone! Chris Ramsay does this trick at 0:51-01:23, and I was wondering what this trick is called and where I can learn it?
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    Photography magic

    Hello everyone, I was wondering if anybody knows the name of this trick and where can I find it. Here is the description of the trick: The magician asks a small group of people if she can take a photo of them with their phone. They agree and hand the magician their phone. She takes the picture...
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