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  1. justhelping


    I have studied and applied graphology for some time now. And wether you think its real or just some cold reading statements,I have found that it "works". And I was thinking of writing a comprehensive guide to graphology however specifically aimed for mentalism. So I would teach all the...
  2. justhelping

    Ungimmicked id

    Did someone ever think of just having daniel madisons advocate in their pocket,have a spectator name a card had have that card appear fu. In the deck?and is this practical?
  3. justhelping

    James brown

    Hi guys I just wanted to let everyone know that james brown is giving a (free) webinar this Monday with special guest kenton knepper. Make sure you dont miss it!
  4. justhelping

    A thought

    I had 24 hours yesterday to come up with a method to perform do as I do (where the spec. and I put down the same card out of our decks) without using a marked deck or I would be in big trouble.... A few hours later it hit me -no marked deck needed -no memorization needed -no force Maybe im not...
  5. justhelping


    So i just started getting into hypnosis and wached spideys dvds ,ormand mcquil new enceclopedia of hypnosis and saw james brown penguin live... So im getting abit confused:is hypnosis a trance like spidey and allot of other stuff out there or is it like james explained and nothing to do with...
  6. justhelping

    quick idea

    Just a quick idea I wanted to share..(probably im not the first to come up with this but who knows...) any comments tips or references are appreciated. (And its quite simple nothing too great) . If you're ever up against that pesky spectator who thinks he knows it all(because he watched one and...
  7. justhelping


    I know that there probably a few old threads on this but ill ask anyway. The fact is magic is pricey so how do you afford it ? Is it performances?street? etc...... Answers are appreciated (as always). PS. Enjoy spinning the wheel and good luck.
  8. justhelping

    david blaine: beyond magic

    Just saw the special and it was epic (though more actual tricks would always be welcome). Especially loved the Jennifer Lawrence trick (even that I cant help but think there was more to it then was shown ..or not and it was a lucky version of dai Vernon's "trick that cant be explained) So what...
  9. justhelping

    any ideas?

    So I've got some spare cash and was wondering what the would be the best effect to buy (like good ) Any help appreciated.
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