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    David Copperfield : On YouTube

    We all love b*tching about Youtube magic, don't we? Here's Mr. Copperfield's short little take on that. Enjoy. - harapan. magic!
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    Old Timer Magicians

    Hey Theory11 If you still remember that great video entitled "Chris Kenner Q&A", where Mr Kenner answered a few questions posted my forum members, he mentioned something about "old timers" who "use the same routine and jokes from 50 years ago, and still think it's funny now". This mild...
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    Vintage Video Clips of Copperfield

    Theory11 members: I remember people who went on youtube and found old clips of Mr Kenner performing. What could be more fun than to enjoy old clips of his good friend, Mr David Copperfield. Here's one to tease your tastebuds. Now, go back...
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    FUSE Spirit Fire Writing Solution To owners of this product: I am thinking of getting this product. Some questions here - What kind of paper can be used? Is it only the paper they provide, or any paper can be used? Does the writing...
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    I believe someone's cheating.

    Just to bring out something: The Theory 11 video contest is up and running, and I would like to mention that I believe Bowen is cheating. His video started as the 6th or 7th on the list, and suddenly when a sudden number of votes came in, his video went straight to the top. Coincidentally...
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