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    Time to be Awesome 9 – Backstage at “Monday Night Magic”

    This sounds great. I attended Monday Night Magic twice in my stay in NYC and was pleasantly surprised. In addition to the phenomenal magic, I enjoyed the atmosphere of the old church that was separated from the hustle and bustle of Broadway. -- philiplupo
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    Most Difficult Card Magic

    Guy Hollingsworth's Drawing Room Deceptions compiles quite a few complex ideas, slights, and effects. It's kept me busy for a while. -- P:L
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    theory11 roundtable - Wayne Houchin

    Who do you think is one of the most brilliant minds in magic today? Why? Can you hint toward anything of your creation to come in the next few decades? What is the status of the infamous Wayne Hoochi Hoochis? == P:L
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    Saturday Night Contest - Batter Up - November 1, 2008

    well there have only been 135 posts so maybe no one will get it :P -- P:L
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    Saturday Night Contest - Batter Up - November 1, 2008

    JB: 4/11 Andrei: 7/11 -- P:L philiplupo
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    I also remember hearing or reading something about WH's Thread being released on All Hallow's Eve Lupo
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    TED : Lennart Green - Close-Up Card Magic

    TED has quickly become one of my favorite sites on the World Wide Web. "Technology Entertainment and Design" is a conference held once a year in Monterey, California where 'the greatest minds from around the world' come together to share new innovative ideas. Their newest uploaded video shows...
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    Complete Burn Effect List

    just did a quick skim of d+M's site and, low and behold: "44 pages, 22 effects, endless possibilities..." -- pL
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    On Friday The Twenty Seventh, Cards. Will. Burn.

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    Favorite Devil's Picturebook Effect?

    For all DPB owners... what's your personal favorite on the DVD? -- P:L
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    Dangerous DVD Warning

    Ya, I noticed it on my first DVD from t11 (TnR) and have noticed it ever since. I still find it funny due to the complete randomness of it all. Gotta love WH and the gang :D -- pL
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    Lethal - Finally Gone

    Not sure if this has already been posted; but it looks like Lethal is finally gone/done: But did you like the soundtrack? Coming Soon. oh boy...:p -- pL Note: Sorry about that, my search turned up nothing So I guess this can be deleted.
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    Better Opener?

    Which, in your opinion, is a better opener for street magic? for table-hopping? for 'show me a trick' moments? Panic or Distortion? Have any other, even better openers? post em. Thanks, Happy Fathers Day, pL
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    Magicology's "10 Questions with Daniel Madison" ^ An enjoyable read; whether you like d+M or not. -- pL
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    Nate Staniforth

    To anyone that owns or has seen any of Nate Staniforth's magic... Do you know of anywhere I could find tricks like his? Ones that aren't necessarily magic but are still 'amazing'. :D Thanks, philiplupo
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    Gianni's Site is up and running

    Check it out: Look's like an interesting guy. Wasn't too awfully impressed with his uploaded videos but I'm sure they'll be more to come. -- P:L
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    Theory11 Music - Something Different

    wouldn't matter to me whether it was a download or a CD, I'd buy it in a heartbeat -- P:L philiplupo
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    Black's Magic

    Has anyone purchased anything from Black's Magic? If so, what was it and what is your opinion/review of it. I was looking at Gator Seal but it sounded too good to be true and that usually means... it is. Thanks, -- P:L philiplupo
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    May 08 :: Practice

    Very very good post/idea. First is the basics: sleights, handling, body movements, etc. Second I work it in front of the mirror for a while. Third comes without the mirror Fourth, I work on the script without the deck/prop. I do the motions as if I had them, but only work on my script. Fifth...
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    UltraGaff is it worth it?

    It is definetly worth the money. Many people complain about gaff decks and how dirty the concept is and how dirty the deck is left. But DG and WH go over numerous techniques on how to get the gaffs in and out of the deck as well as a wealth of sleights, tricks, variations, etc. As for Flow...
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