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  1. Ch1nmqy

    Spectators always figure out Omni deck. Help?

    Alright so, there's this thing I refer to, as the "zone". Once you perform around 2-3 routines, the spectators will slowly start to enjoy the trick and not point out anything even if you accidentally flash, etc. They want you to succeed at this time. If you keep getting shut down on the Omni...
  2. Ch1nmqy

    Favorite way to peek a billet?

    Perfected Full Billet Peek by Jose Prager Acidus Novus - Milliard Longman
  3. Ch1nmqy

    Saturday Night Contest - Coin Toss!

    Heads Tails Heads Heads Heads Tails
  4. Ch1nmqy

    Anyone have recommendations on how to start creating magic tricks

    A method I use(not original): Think of the basic premise of the effect, and what you want the spectator to feel Now imagine the full routine and what it would look like Think of how you would perform that effect, and in a few days, you'll have a completely new and original effect
  5. Ch1nmqy

    What would you name your magic show?

    just imagine someone saying: "yo dude did you see that new EPIC magic show? It was called The Vega Experience, Between Worlds, The Mythology of Mystery"
  6. Ch1nmqy

    Saturday Night Contest - Card Lotto!

    Card 1: Ace of Spades Card 2: 8 of Diamonds Card 1: 6 of Diamonds Card 2: 2 of Clubs
  7. Ch1nmqy

    bikes in india

    Where do you get your decks from? Because I don't think it's possible to get cards for just a dollar
  8. Ch1nmqy

    bikes in india

    I think you mean "Bicycle" cards, because I don't know what a "bike" card is. Bicycle cards are usually 9-13$, which would be around 1000 Indian money. Try and get them from the official bicycle website, or from amazon.
  9. Ch1nmqy

    Saturday Night Contest - Where In The World?

    South Island, New Zealand
  10. Ch1nmqy

    No Stupid Questions

    When you're starting off Magic books are really important, because a lot of things you cannot find online. When your a working professional and need to touch back on something, or find a trick, magic books are much easier to manage than thousands of online videos
  11. Ch1nmqy

    Saturday Night Contest : What You Think

    I really like this idea! This can be for the new avengers cards, etc. This will really bring out a creative side. Another idea is to test people's actual knowledge, like how much they can figure out of a trick
  12. Ch1nmqy

    Saturday Night Contest - Show Your Style!

    I made mine with only new footage I like to focus on presentation rather than method, so I did some very basic sleight of hand and mentalism I like to do tricks that don't rely on gimmicks or using a lot of arithmetic in a trick, because the "best" tricks are more on performance than method...
  13. Ch1nmqy

    Saturday Night Contest - Avengers Assemble!

    Congratulations Stratego!!
  14. Ch1nmqy

    Saturday Night Contest - Avengers Assemble!

    When is the winner of the contest announced?
  15. Ch1nmqy

    Saturday Night Contest - Avengers Assemble!

    The Phoenix The Phoenix is a young child who has amazing magical powers, like summoning fire at will. One day, when a bunch of people corner him, his amazing powers show! His fingers shoot very small pieces of fire(pyro mini fire-shooter) that are effective nonetheless. Then slowly, after...
  16. Ch1nmqy


    Hey! I know that a lot of people do not like threads that ask what the "best" tricks are, because it is all a matter of opinion. So I thought I'd change some things: What is an effect that you performed that got a VERY GOOD reaction that was very memorable? Thanks for reading!
  17. Ch1nmqy

    Saturday Night Contest - Card Lotto!

    Congrats Duo JD!
  18. Ch1nmqy

    Making Original Tricks

    Hey guys, I was wondering how most magicians come up with their own methods to do a trick. Is there a process that needs to be followed when coming up with your own tricks and methods? Thanks for reading
  19. Ch1nmqy

    Saturday Night Contest - Card Lotto!

    Card 1: Ace of Hearts Card 2: 2 of Hearts Card 1: 4 of Clubs Card 2: 6 of Hearts
  20. Ch1nmqy

    Saturday Night Contest - Create A Trick!

    Hey guys, I really like the Saturday Night Contest, and I worked really hard on this trick. It is 2 tricks combined, and I added my OG(original) twist on it! Video link ^ PS: I changed the quality to 1080p, so if you are experiencing lag, you can change that to 720p or 480p! PS...
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