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    anyone near brandon,florida?

    looking for someone to jam with :) or are there groups active in Florida? :) thanks!
  2. J

    Psychedelic Video

    Check it out! Comments and suggestions welcome :) thanks for watching!
  3. J

    Saturday Night Contest - Are You Psycho?

    Rhinoceros Dolphin Hawk
  4. J

    Saturday Night Roundtable - Ask Andrei Anything

    what is the most hardest move for you in cardistry? why did you choose cardistry instead of magic? is there something we should be expecting from you this coming 2013? =) thanks Andrei!
  5. J

    Saturday Night Contest - Twist of Fate

    7 of spades,diamonds,clubs
  6. J

    Saturday Night Contest - Rearranging The Code

    1.) 20800713 2.) 02070318 3.) 31782000
  7. J

    Saturday Night Contest - Lucky Guess

    queen of diamonds,nine of clubs and the ace of hearts
  8. J

    Saturday Night Contest - Red, White, and Blue!

    Red-6 of hearts White-queen of spades blue-five of diamonds Red-3 of clubs White-Ace of Spades Blue-9 of diamonds
  9. J

    Saturday Night Contest - Read My Mind

    Artifice -pg 3 Retained -pg 17 Sleights - pg 23
  10. J

    Saturday Night Contest - 30 Seconds of Change My Entry :) not much just for fun :D
  11. J

    Saturday Night Contest - What's Inside the Box?

    55 cards two jokers and 1 ad card
  12. J

    Morning Regimen Cardistry

    Hello everybody :) I'm already 2 months in Cardistry and i like to share this video i did this morning :) thanks I'm Jepstar from the Philippines :)
  13. J

    Saturday Night Contest - White Monarch Turnover

    ace and queen of spades
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