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    Magic-Con 2012 Deck

    Hello, I've just posted my review for this year's Magic-Con deck, check it out here: Magic-Con 2012 Deck Review
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    High End :: Review

    Hello all, I just reviewed High End, check it out here High End by Blake Vogt Review
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    Monarchs :: Review

    As everyone has been dying to find out more about these cards, here's my review of the Monarchs
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    Monarchs - Initial Impressions

    Hello everyone, I received my Monarchs in the mall yesterday. I cannot post any pictures or go too in-depth with the deck but I'd like to share some first impressions with you guys. The Back design is definitely interesting. Not really what I was expecting but still intriguing. I love the...
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    Vertigo by Rick Lax

    Hello! My review for T11's newest DVD, Vertigo, is now up! Read it, let me know what you think or ask any questions you might have! Vertigo by Rick Lax Review
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    Vortex Deck :: Creator Interview

    For those of you who have taken an interest in the Vortex Deck I have posted an interview with the man behind the project. You can read it here: Vortex Playing Cards Interview
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    Vortex Deck Trailer

    Hey all, For those of you who haven't seen it yet the trailer for the Vortex Deck is out. I had the chance to talk with Allan Hagen, who filmed and produced it, about the trailer and the project in general. You can watch the trailer, read the interview, and learn more about the deck here...
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    The Crown Deck :: Review

    My Review for The Crown Deck is now live! You can see it here: The Crown Deck by The Blue Crown Review
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    Some of you here are familiar with my card reviews on my blog Per popular request, I'm going to start incorporating video with the reviews. I have a poll going currently on the right-hand side of the site and I would like to find out what you guys want to see in these...
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    Prezi :: New Blog Post

    I just wrote a new blog post about the presnetation software Prezi. It's pretty cool and has a lot of new features, compared to things like PowerPoint. I had to make a quick one for a class and ended up doing Magic and Flourishing as my topic. You can see it here: Magic and Flourishing Prezi
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    REF4M by Blake Vogt :: RC Reviews

    Hey everybody, my review for Blake Vogt's torn and restored is now live! Check it out here: REF4M by Blake Vogt Review
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    RC :: Foundations v2 by Jason England

    I'm currently in the process of reviewing Foundations v2 by Jason England. I'll be putting these up by the individual 1-on-1's and updating this post as I publish them. If there's a specific one you'd like to see sooner, leave a comment or let me know! The Pinky Count by Jason England Review...
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    Sentinels Review, Part 2

    Hi all, I just posted the second piece to my review of Theory11's Sentinel deck. You can read it here: Theory11 Sentinels Review Part 2
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    Final Day of Magic-Con :: Blog Post

    Hello everyone, I just finished my post for the final day of Magic-Con. You can find it here: Magic-Con 2011 Day 4 If you have any questions about anything relating to the conference post a comment and ask!
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    Bicycle Gargoyles Review

    Hey everyone, I don't know how many of you have heard about the new Bicycle Gargoyles, but I just finished a review for them. Check it out to read all about them. Bicycle Gargoyles by Lance T. Miller Review
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    Magic-Con Write Up :: Blog Post

    Hey there all, As some of you noticed, I had a poll going for awhile on my site about which thing I would post first. The Magic-Con write up took the lead, so the first day is up! Check it out here: Magic-Con 2011 Review Also I added a new option into the poll and reset the vote count, so...
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    Bee [red] Stingers Review

    How's everyone doing? My review the the new Red Stingers is live. You can find it here: Bee [red] Stinger by Theory11 review
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    Bicycle Titanium Review

    Hey everybody! I just got done writing my review for the new Titaniums. Check it out here: Bicycle Titanium Playing Cards by Theory11 Review Make sure you check out tonights Saturday Night Contest for a chance to win some of them!
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    They're here!

    I just put up a new blog post, the Stingers and Titaniums are here!
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    Poll :: Titaniums or Stingers?

    As you all know Theory11 released two awesome looking decks last Friday, the Bicycle Titaniums and Bee [red] Stingers. According to UPS they should arrive tomorrow! So, my question to you guys is which deck would you like to see reviewed first? I put a poll up on my website,
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