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    FIVE - The First Review

    Great review, and very well written. Stairway's my personal favorite effect from FIVE, followed closely by Fresh Scent.
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    t11.bulletin - FIVE by Daniel Garcia + Marcus Eddie :: Now Available

    Love this DVD, and love all of the effects within from BOTH artists. It's great to finally see Marcus in a feature project and I look forward to many more to come. Thumbs way up!
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    Anaconda DVD - A $72.000 production?

    I'd be surprised if 1% of the 72,000 people number they made up actually look at it. Their Twitter has 375 followers. Now where, exactly, are the other 71,650 supposed to be coming from? I love that. I wish them the best with this project, but it could do without the hype.
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    Lee Asher's 605 Playing Cards

    I'd think the fact that Lee's decks sell for literally DOUBLE the cost of theory11 decks may have something to do with it. $4.95 < $9.95 - that's a big difference, especially with quantity discounts that theory11 offers. For a 12 pack of Guardian decks, the price would be $50 (plus shipping)...
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    t11 bulletin :: PRESSURE Release Contest + Full Details

    Very excited about this! I will be there at 11 tonight! The countdown begins. jeff
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    Propaganda Playing Cards ★ Feel, Finish, & Quality :: Reviewed

    Just took a closer look, and the deck is about one and a half cards thinner than my deck of Centurions. Not too much, but it's definitely noticeably thinner when it's in your hands. jeff
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    Injury During Copperfield Show

    Glad to hear he's doing okay now; just read a few of the articles. Definitely in my thoughts & prayers. jeff
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    Dan Sperry - Card Manipulation 101 v1

    Oh lord! I loved volume 1, and the second volume sounds great, but I don't think I can handle the third! Lol! Great work Dan. These videos got me completely re-energized about learning card manipulation. jeff
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    Propaganda Playing Cards ★ Feel, Finish, & Quality :: Reviewed

    Just posted my review on the product page. Coolio. Izzy, yeah - they're definitely thinner (by about one card's thickness) than the Centurions and Guardians. Much better - perfection! jeff
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    No Props for Props...

    I think you got a defective deck, bro. All of mine fan PERFECTLY and have plenty of give (not stiff at all). Maybe you just need to break them in. They're thinner and have WAY more bendability than Guardians and Centurions, which is why I love 'em. jeff
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    (db).bulletin : Split Spade : 2008 Image Awards - WINNERS POSTED

    VERY cool bro. Very nice work. jeff
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    Site Security

    I prefer McAfee over Norton's, but yeah - I agree that the best solution is to just get a Mac! ;) jeff
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    Propaganda Playing Cards ★ Feel, Finish, & Quality :: Reviewed

    This morning I received a ring at the door. Outside was a UPS delivery man with a box with my name on it. EXCITED! I never get mail. Except today! I rushed inside and opened 'er up. Inside was my order of Split Spades and Propaganda from Friday night. I have been playing with the Props non-stop...
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    eXile - Available Now : Friday, December 19th

    AWESOME - finally! Any idea how long this supply will last? Looking forward to it. jeff
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    PROPAGANDA: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

    These fan PERFECTLY for me. I've been using it non-stop all day. Looks hardcore badass too. jeff
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