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    Witchcraft IV performance

    Hi guys here is a basic on how to perform the effect. thanks everyone :) best, arnel
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    INKrage by: Arnel Renegado

    Hi everyone thought you may want to see my latest effect here is the trailer, thanks hope you enjoy :) Best, Arnel
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    INKrage by: Arnel Renegado

    Hi guys thought you wanna see my new effect here is the teaser trailer,hope you like it cheers! best, Arnel
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    SPIRIT by: Arnel Renegado

    Hi everyone, Might you want to know about whats going on :) i have an up coming effect here is the trailer. hope you like it :) kindest, Arnel
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    WITCHCRAFT2 by: arnel renegado

    Hi magic friends maybe you would like to know and see my up coming effect will be featured in RSVPmagic project,here is the trailer. hope you guys like it.
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