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  1. sky_lark

    Pre-Release Monarchs vs. Current Monarchs

    Hi, I own a pre-release Monarch deck and two current Monarch decks. I was under the impression that the pre-release decks are slightly different than the current decks. My question is this -- is one of the differences the box? I've held the decks side by side and cannot see any difference on...
  2. sky_lark

    Golden Nuggets Value

    Hi, What are the value of blue Golden Nuggets playing cards? I have the opportunity to purchase some for a not too expensive price, and I was wondering if it would be a good buy. Thanks!
  3. sky_lark

    Whatever dude, you kissed a guy.

    ... Priceless. :D
  4. sky_lark

    DG : Symphony ///

    REVIEW / SYMPHONY : Daniel Garcia Review NOTE: As far as I could tell there was only one other review at the time this was posted, so I decided to attempt to write review of the product. If you have any questions or comments, don't hesitate to post/PM them. Also, I am writing this review from...
  5. sky_lark

    IBM - Guests?

    Okay, so I happen to be passing through an area where a local IBM meeting is being held. Now, I am interested in visiting. I'll only be available for one meeting, and I just want to go and see some magic. I'm sort of shy and I've never been to any IBM meetings before, so I don't know what to...
  6. sky_lark

    Tagged - Rich Ferguson - Questions

    Hi, I had a couple of questions about Tagged by Rich Ferguson. 1. Can a spectator be tagged on places other than arms? Legs, for example? 2. Can you tag yourself? I realize you could just write on yourself, but you may want to tag yourself live. 3. Is the ink just normal sharpie...
  7. sky_lark

    Classic Color Change!

    J. Bayme - teaches a FREE trick! What else can you ask for!?
  8. sky_lark

    Favorite T11 T-Shirt?

    I am thinking about getting a theory11 t-shirt.. or two.. or three. :) I'd like to know which are your favorites and which you'd recommend me to get. I like the Cerca Trova one, but I am unsure about the Eleven or Mystery. If you will, also post what colors go with each of your votes...
  9. sky_lark

    Halloween Magic

    I know Halloween is still about a month away, but I like to plan ahead. I'd just like to compile a list of ideas for magic that could be done for Halloween. The method for presenting magic I'm trying to use is standing at the door, handing out candy. Seems like it's worth a shot. Feel...
  10. sky_lark

    President Bush Speech Interrupting David Blaine? So apparently a President Bush is going to be on at the same time as David Blaine's ABC coverage of Dive of Death. I presume that the speech will cut out some parts of Dive of Death... which sucks. EDIT...
  11. sky_lark

    Steve Martin Performs Magic

    I'm not sure how many of you had seen videos of Steve Martin as a magician. It's some simple magic stuff, but it's really funny. A little on the sexual side, but I still highly recommend it. Just thought I'd share. :)
  12. sky_lark

    Totally Out Of Control - Question

    Hey, I had a quick question about TooC video product. I understand it says OVER 50 HOURS of footage... but then I heard it was only going to be about 8. How does this work? I realize there's a limit for hours per DVD, and I can't imagine them having, like, 10+ DVDs. Thanks!
  13. sky_lark

    The Brothers Bloom

    Slightly off-topic, slightly not: Movie seems good and involves a bit of cardistry deception. XD
  14. sky_lark

    S&M - Are they really that good?

    Did they live up to their hype? Regardless of whether or not you're just gazing at the cards on the screen, or you have them in your hands, are they really that good?
  15. sky_lark

    Smoke Or Mirrors Deck?

    If I were to get one OR the other, which would I get? Think about it this way: Let's say I were to ONLY get one, so which would it be? Why? If you really can't decide, it's okay to do a different choice. But try not to!
  16. sky_lark - Site Down?

    " Internal Server Error The server encountered an internal error or misconfiguration and was unable to complete your request. Please contact the server administrator, and inform them of the time the error occurred, and anything you might have done that may have...
  17. sky_lark

    Right-Hand Grip - Help!

    Hi, By nature I hold the deck in my right hand. I keep the index, middle, ring, and sometimes pinky on the left side, and my thumb on the right. When I riffle down, as in a spectator calling stop, I do it with my thumb on the right side. Of course, when I fan with both hands for a...
  18. sky_lark

    I'm probably just bringing up a common, old topic that's been brought up several times before, so sorry. Why does transfer to Thanks.
  19. sky_lark

    Dangerous - Mystique - Favorite Trick?

    What was your favorite trick on Daniel Madison's Dangerous Mystique (Tricks) DVD/Download? Post why. If you didn't purchase it, then look at the product descriptions for the tricks found here; and then vote. I liked Breach and Focus and Gambler's Cop. Breach because although it is difficult...
  20. sky_lark

    Dangerous Purchase?

    Which DVD/Download did you purchase? If you bought both, which was better? Tricks or Flourishing? I purchased the tricks DVD. I thought it was amazing. I liked that Daniel Madison taught Breach, as it's a great effect and used to be stand-alone, right? However, I'm not a flourisher. So...
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