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  1. Vinsanity

    Senior Product

    Whaz up everyone? haven't made a post in a few months soooooooooooooooooooooooooo here i go. I'm a junior in highschool and just have finished my junior paper which I wrote on magic. Next year I have to make a product. I'm not sure what to do for the product yet. Any suggestions are appreciated
  2. Vinsanity

    Make a YouTube tutorial!

    I'm serious about the title. So many people make youtoube tutorials and post them, and it drives me crazy as I'm sure it drives you crazy as well. To put a stop to people watching and making these we should start making fake tutorials for youtube. For Example. Someone sees a video entitled...
  3. Vinsanity

    Magicians in NC

    Wud up every1? I'm 16 and I live in North Carolina. I have no magic friends. I used to have 2 but one quit magic, and one moved to Texas. Anybody on here live close to goldsboro, smithfield, selma, or Raliegh in NC?
  4. Vinsanity

    Should I submit this or not?

    I made an effect, which I call "Signed and Sealed" The effect is this: I borrow a coin from someone and they sign it. I show a completly empty, and ungimmicked ziploc bag. Then I take their coin, hold it at the middle of the bag and instantly penetrates it. Everything can be examined. I'll...
  5. Vinsanity

    Reverse Pumpkin seed vanish?

    I've been trying to learn this vanish from J.B Bobo's Coin Magic book, but I can't get it down. I think I may be doing it incorrectly. Could someone help teach it to me? all advice is appreciated.
  6. Vinsanity

    Where did the deck go?

    Ok I've had david stone's real secrets to magic volume 1, for about 2 years now, and I have a question about the effect: Ghost. Where the whole deck disappears except for their card, and the others like their card. People usually say, "Where'd the deck go?" how do I reply to this in the best...
  7. Vinsanity

    Another Mentalism Post

    I've been doing magic for about 5 years now, and taking it seriously for 3 years, but a few months ago I started learning about mentalism and I was enthusiatic about. But now I'm started to sway. I don't if I should mentalism or magic. I can't do both because they're opposites.
  8. Vinsanity

    Mentalism Routine

    I need a few pointers on making a mentalism routine. Any posts will be greatly appreciated. Oh and please don't suggest "13 steps to Mentalism" because I already have it and i know it's F***ING AWESOME! ok thankyou.
  9. Vinsanity

    Magically "off" day?

    Yesterday I was doing some magic in my 3rd block, but I was doing really badly. I did some mentalism and they saw excatly what I did. So I did some card magic at lunch, and I did some magic to some other people, and THEY saw what I did. I thought I just lost my ability of magic from not...
  10. Vinsanity

    Magic or Mentalism

    I've been doing magic for 4 years, and I've been taking it seriously for 3. But in the past 3-4 months I've been looking into mentalism. I now own "13 steps to mentalism" and "Pratical Mental Magic". And I am in freakin love with mentalsim now. It is so incredible. When I performed my first...
  11. Vinsanity

    What inspired you to become a magician?

    This question is asked to me alot, but I have no idea how to answer. The reason being that my inspiration came from my dad..................................doing witch craft. I Remember when I was about 9 or 10 my dad would tell me that if I concentrated enough I could do real magic, and move...
  12. Vinsanity

    I got on TV!

    What's up everybody?! I go to this place in goldsboro NC every other thursday to busk a little bit, and I ran into a camera crew there who has a morning show. I talked to them , and i got on tv. I did two effects. The biddle trick, and Indecent. I made sure to mention that Indecent was from...
  13. Vinsanity

    Children Magic

    I have never done any kids parties before, but I want to do some this summer. I'm not quite sure how to get started. Here are effects I know that I could use: Miser's Dream Cups and Balls Some type of animation or levitation Production Box Professors Nightmare Torn and restored...
  14. Vinsanity

    A busking grande finale...

    Hey everyone. Instead of going around showing magic to people one by one, I want to start busknig by getting crowds. I have a routine planned out. I just don't know what to use as a grande finale, because I want it to be highly visual and amazing. Any ideas will be appreciated.
  15. Vinsanity

    Need help with busking.

    Hola! Everybody. I was just wondering if any of you have any ideas or tips on busking. Any time there is a festival or something of that sort going on, I go and try to busk there. But I haven't been getting crowds. Instead I go up to people one by one and do magic and say a hat line. At a...
  16. Vinsanity

    Where to find best torn and restored?

    I need to learn a torn and restored card method. I have created my own method, but it needs a lot of work. Does anyone know where I could buy a visual Torn and Restored Card?
  17. Vinsanity

    Time Control Routine

    What's up everybody? I've just been thinking about a routine in which I use magic to stop time, rewind time, and fast forward time. 1) To stop time I was thinking of either doing Flow, or Throwing somebody's ring back and forth in my hands and make it stop in mid air. 2)To rewind...
  18. Vinsanity

    Talent Show

    There is a talent show coming up at my shcool. And so far my school has had a talent show and an open mic night both of which I performed at. Both I just blended cards and coins into a routine, but a different routine. Anyways, I want do some type of stage effect, or mental effect, and I have...
  19. Vinsanity

    I need a camera.

    I've really want to do battles, but I don't have a video camera. And I haven't been able to find anybody that has one. So if there is ever anyone in the NC area that has a video camera, I would like your permission to borrow it.
  20. Vinsanity

    Saving a performance?

    One time I was doing a trick, where I show four cards that aren't the spectators', then spectator picks one of the four and it's their card. But I screwed up and I had acidentally lost their card in the deck. So I after I turned over the four cards and they said none of those cards were his...
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