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  1. JPIllusions

    What's your favorite effect that you perform the most?

    ACR or Refined by Josh Brand
  2. JPIllusions

    2 (new?) color changes

    yah i agree
  3. JPIllusions

    2 (new?) color changes

    These are my 2 new ones i think, Strobe Change and Courier Technique. Feedback? More for the 2nd one, the first one isn't 100% practical but it is usable in some situations.
  4. JPIllusions

    i think you can too lol, but sure we can re-schedual it... btw have you seen my video already?

    i think you can too lol, but sure we can re-schedual it... btw have you seen my video already?
  5. JPIllusions

    Ring Routine

    Anybody want to do a ring routine? not as in linking rings, i mean like finger rings... well you can link them if you want but yah, Do a full routine, with as many tricks as you'd like Music or patter No editing
  6. JPIllusions

    3 Coin Vanishes

    oh boy... this is gonna be ruff. Videos due today, just to remind you
  7. JPIllusions

    August 2009 :: Where Are We Going?

    I think people are going to start getting sick of card magic and flourishing, (although it will still be performed alot) i think we are headed more into the mentalism area as far as new creations go...
  8. JPIllusions

    3 Coin Vanishes

    Here's the rules Do 3 different coin vanishes Editing allowed (doesnt effect trick) Music is allowed 3 clips can be seperate Any 3 coin vanishes you know Who's down?:p
  9. JPIllusions

    FancyBand Download - Not Working

    Having trouble with fancy band download. I can only hear the audio, the video comes out as a bunch of weird colored stripes across the screen window... help?
  10. JPIllusions

    Fly... New trick

    it was pretty cool, but the only thing i think you should work on is the pass. I mean a spec wouldn't catch it but you gotta be clean and carefull not to raise any kind of suspicoun that your making a move
  11. JPIllusions

    Just Luck Illusion

    yah nice job dude is this your method or the one you can buy? Anyway i really liked this
  12. JPIllusions

    If Not a Magician, Then What?

    i plan on doing magic but if not a musician, carpenter, or possibly a chef
  13. JPIllusions

    My ACR

    ok the tenkai was a bit random and lol yes i did drop the card at the end give me a break haha ok so i think that's good, i'm getting the same comments so it would be nice if the stuff wasn't repeated agian. I'm removing the video anyways
  14. JPIllusions

    My ACR

    ok... i'll work on the double lift i didn't realize it was that bad The up motion in the pass was really supposed to be just a magicall motion like waving a wand... It jumps up so i jump my hand up... so idk why that's bad.. The overhand shuffle was a false shuffle to prepare for the snap...
  15. JPIllusions

    My ACR

    oh shiz lol i'm stupid there it is ahaha
  16. JPIllusions

    My ACR

    This is my ACR. I know the card handling wasn't very flow in some parts, but i think the routine was alright. Does anybody have any suggestions? Critisism? Comments? Was my pass ok? Thanks -JP
  17. JPIllusions

    Old Cards?

    you can use a card clip, like the porper clip from ellusionist to keep them in good condition. I've been doing an experiment by putting some regular old bicycles in the freezer for 1 hour every other night. They feel a lot snappier for a while but it wears off fast... =(
  18. JPIllusions

    Open: Any Effect Battle

    agreed Yah i voted for C=B because there was much more enthusiasm and confidence, plus it was live. Carmerio, did a good job those productions were nice, but it wasn't too smooth flowing.
  19. JPIllusions

    Best comment you have gotten?

    HAHAHAH killer spies by nate gotz, best freaking trick ever
  20. JPIllusions

    Who are on the Split Spades court cards?

    LOL brad christian haha I do believe that two of the queens, if not all of the face cards, represent people close to DB. One queen, his mother, one his, at the time model GF, Lonneke Engel, (she came up with the idea for the split spade logo), one king is DB and one Bill Kalush, I think one...
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