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  1. michael_weiss

    Jack of all Trades

    Hey guys and gals, freaks and geeks, wanted to post a video presentation of one of my own routines filmed during my weekly jam sessions with my colleague Andy Luka...enjoy and comment. Love to hear your thoughts
  2. michael_weiss

    Daniel Garcia Projects - Sneak Preview

    DG just posted this on twitter and via facebook....enjoy :)
  3. michael_weiss

    The Deep:: Chris Kenner

    This is a simple coins across routine devised by Chris Kenner, and was featured on the Coin One dvd. This only involves four half dollars and two eyes. Love to hear your feedback!
  4. michael_weiss

    Volume I :: Sequence of Control

    Hey guys and gals check out this lil ol' video I made, its a series of volumes containing my favorite methods in magic. Hope you enoy and love to hear your feedback. :D
  5. michael_weiss

    STUCK by Michael Weiss

    Hey ladies and gents'...thought Id share my somewhat crude video promo for my effect Stuck, a Torn & Restorn card effect with a few little twists. Hope you guys enjoy and love to hear your feedback and if you can, hit those ratings. Thanks to all of you for the support, the explation PDF booklet...
  6. michael_weiss

    PINNED- by V.

    This brought to you by my close friend and great magician V. :: Available only thru him via P.M THE HYPE:: This is a modern twist on the moving hole plot THE METHOD/TEACHING:: First the idea behind this is simple and ingenious. Thats why I enjoy the effect so much. The teaching is straight...
  7. michael_weiss


    DANS BASEMENT:: DIY MAGIC :: TICKTOIDS ($9.95) THE HYPE:: This is an ultra visual transposition done in the spectators hands. The spectator holds the Tic Tacs while you have the Altoids. In a shake the tin of Altoids transforms into the box of...
  8. michael_weiss

    DAN HAUSS :: REFILLED review

    DANS BASEMENT:: DIY MAGIC :: REFILLED ($9.95) THE HYPE:: This is the perfect effect to do while you are at your favorite coffee shop. The spectators signed card appears in an empty coffee cup with the shake of your hand. ~ Two...
  9. michael_weiss

    The Hocking Houchin Effect

    (Edited due to pre exsistent thread on wayne leavin apologies..mike)
  10. michael_weiss

    : Self creation :

    Hey guys/gals...Ive been into magic for 10 to 11 years an doing it professionally for 1 year 1/2 2 years. Now Ive been inspired over the many years to create my own effects or to expand apon more classic effects. Now I have 2 effects that I have created or put my take on it. A variation...
  11. michael_weiss

    "Magik" pick up lines?

    Hey everyone, now before I met my girlfriend, id perform all over an have a good time performing. Now im a big flirt an still am, my girl has gotten used to it by now....but i used cheesy pick up lines with a hint of magic inuendo. My classic line is "I can make my fingers...
  12. michael_weiss

    'Surfaced' or 'Search and Destroy'?

    Hello everyone, I was wondering and debating which dvd i should get. I really want both dvds, but i wanna get your opinion. Now i know Search andDestroy doesnt come out till March 17th, but for those who have the Surfaced dvd, what is your insight an your pros an cons? Thanks- mike
  13. michael_weiss

    Legends of magic resurrected

    Hello everyone, i was skimming an reading thru some magic history an got very excited. I found 2 gentleman to be in awe of, that inspired me an has made me re-think how i interpet the art of illusion. The 1st, da father of modern magic Robert Houdin, an 2nd Howard Thurston. So my question is...
  14. michael_weiss

    Yigal Mesikas :: Tarantula

    Hey guys, Mesika is back and his latest creation has broken new grounds. Take a womens ring, make it levitate, hover, and then make it land on the womans finger. This effect has just been released a couple of days ago, and Im considering purchaasing it, does anybody know more about this effect...
  15. michael_weiss

    Can you levitate?

    Hey everybody, im just curious, as a magician/performer the number one question asked by lots of laymen is can u levitate? Now i currently know an have a few in my arsenal...namely SKYWALKER...KING RISING...MATRIX LEVITATION/SUSPENSION...BALADUCCI..ZERO GRAVITY..ETC. I'm personally hooked on...
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