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  1. Daugava

    Lit - Blank Matchbooks

    Hi, I live in Sweden, and I haven't seen those blank matchbooks, you know the ones they use in "Lit". Do you know any website where I can buy some of those white one's please tell me. I have looked in the shops here in Sweden, but I can't find them! Thanks.
  2. Daugava

    Andthensome - Instant Download?

    Wouldn't it be amazing if you could download "andthensome" instantly like Witness for example? The shipping prices are ridiculus that's why I want it.
  3. Daugava

    Paper Crane Productions - Election

    New trick from Paper Crane Productions. Looks really cool!
  4. Daugava

    Selling Derek DelGaudio's Only Notes

    Hi, I'm selling the Only Notes by Derek delGaudio. I'm willing to trade it for some decks or something. PM me. I can't set up my Ebay account correctly so that's why I'm posting it here.
  5. Daugava

    Derek DelGaudio's Only Notes

    Hi guys! Let's disscus some moves/routines in this book. Personally I really love "Muck You" and Truffle Shuffle. Maybe a pointless thread, but let's disscus. :)
  6. Daugava

    Wounded - DVD Question

    I recently sent an e-mail to papercraneproductions and asked if you will recive the gimmick set if you only buy the DVD. They told me that I had to buy the DVD and gimmick separate. But I watched the sited and saw this "! You will also receive the performance kit that allows you to immediately...
  7. Daugava

    Tears of Blood - Instant Download A new, instant download? Have anyone tried it yet? Will they teach you how to build the gimmick or what?
  8. Daugava

    My Cherry Control

    Hi, I posted a quick video on the Cherry Control. Please tell me what you think.
  9. Daugava

    Sandwich/Transpo Effect

    Hi, tell me what you think about this effect. "I knew some "tricks" and sleights and put this effect togehter, tell me what you think. Credits and inspiration for that goes to Chris Kenner, Daniel Madison and Dan and Dave Buck. Cheers." I've done this twice for spectators and their...
  10. Daugava

    Cherry Control

    Hi, I was looking around on Youtube and I found this awsome control by Ricky Smith. I searched on google and you can buy his control in this magazine. I don't have it and I wonder if it's worth 10$ for just the control becasue that's the only reason why I would buy the magazine. And if you...
  11. Daugava

    Dan and Dave Customer Support

    I've been waiting 5 weeks for my decks that I bought from and theres still no decks here. I've mailed them twice and no reply either. I think their support is bad. So if you want a good customer support, don't buy things from dananddave. (Look down on these posts, I had a reply...
  12. Daugava

    How to search the T11 forums...

    Do you have problems finding what you are searching for? Maybe you do like this (Picture 1). I searched for Chris Kenner's "The Deep" and I got 204 pages. Picture 1: And heres the result of just searching. (Picture 2) Picture 2: Instead of that, do like this. Press the "Advanced search"...
  13. Daugava

    Akira Fuji Pass

    Hi, where can I learn this pass? :)
  14. Daugava

    What do you prefer learning from?

    I think I saw this thread here at Theory11, but I did search and found nothing. If theres already a thread like this, then just close this thread. (ohh, I just found the Cerca Trova thread, then theres no point at all.) Anway I also saw a disussion at Ellusionist so why not bring it here...
  15. Daugava

    Strange thing in Mystique

    When d+M perform the trick "aces" he first let the spectator to shuffle the deck. But he dosen't explain how to get the aces on the right position after that. That's not explained. Did he missed that? :)
  16. Daugava

    Surfaced trailer = HERE The final trailer is here. I really LOVE the last "trick" just watch! :)
  17. Daugava

    My Clipshift What do you think? Bad, good or ok? Please if you tell me it's bad, then tell me why! :)
  18. Daugava

    David Forrest - Colour Burn

    Hi! I love this effect! What do you guys think about it? I'm still practicing it, I haven't tried it yet, just on my magic friends! :) So let's discuss this amazing effect!
  19. Daugava

    RESET by Paul Harris

    Hi, one simple question. Where is it taught in video format? :)
  20. Daugava

    Flow // Anti Gravico Bottle

    I know it's not released yet, but when it is, hopefully someone can answer this question: What's the difference? I can't find it. Everything is the same, turn it upside down bla bla put in a match, and the water flows out in the spectators hand. I just can't seem to find any difference at...
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