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  1. Azukinimagician

    Lefties help?

    Hello everyone, I am a lefty flourisher, and it is pretty difficult to learn tutorials, especially when the tutorial is OTS view. I usually edit it them by flipping the video, so that the video is mirrored. That way, it looks like it is all left. However, for D&D for example, it is vimeo...
  2. Azukinimagician

    3 effects (last one coming soon...)

    Hello guys, I created three impromptu, original effects which utilizes the same principle. Please go take a look at it. I do not have the third one, mainly because I did not post it yet... I will soon! Here is my first one, which was featured on the media section (for the first time!)...
  3. Azukinimagician

    Forcing a number

    Is there a way to force a 2-digit number? Cards between 20-40ish I am trying to do that for an ACAAN routine, but I am not sure how. There is the 37 force, but I highly doubt that that will work :P Please let me know.
  4. Azukinimagician

    Mentalism/Think of a card effect

    I am in search of finding a book/dvd/a trick/ or whatever thing that can be a mind reading effect of "think of a card" effect. I just hate the "pick a card" plot, and I really want to see something different. Like, a think of a card effect. Ineski, a fine man from YouTube, is one of the...
  5. Azukinimagician

    Triumph trick that is visual?

    Hello guys, I am in search of finding the best Triumph trick out there. I adore Ben Train's Triumph trick. So visual:) But again, what is a triumph trick that literally shuffles face up to face down? Is there one?
  6. Azukinimagician

    Hey guys, I was wondering.. what happened to It was one of my favorite websites to watch tutorials and enter contests. When I looked at the website today, it was a car website.... Any ideas?
  7. Azukinimagician

    Skater Cut Kick

    Hey guys, I was wondering where you can get the skater cut kick tutorial? When you display the cards, you simply kick the cuts with your ring finger. I know how to do the display, but not the kick itself. Do you know any videos? Thanks
  8. Azukinimagician

    Editing Software

    Hi everyone, I've done magic for 4 years now.. and I am starting to do cardistry. This art really displays who I really am. I really want to create new art and magic doesn't seem to "fit" me.. To start off, I really want to know what kind of editing software you guys use.. or professionals...
  9. Azukinimagician

    Calen Morelli's 365 days of magic?!?!

    Hey guys! Azukinimagician here! I would like to know about Calen Morelli's 365 days of magic. On one of his videos, (i forgot which one :P) he said that he is going to release the trick. Is that one of the surprises? that'll be cool :] azukinimagician
  10. Azukinimagician

    What is going to happen with the sold out items?

    Hi guys, this is my new post and I am very excited! Anyway, to kick things off, i want to talk and ask about one thing: sold out items. I know if you see the playing card section, there are several "sold out" items. Are the theory11 people going to refill it soon? I know some won't due to...
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