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    Why Do We Sign Things?

    Signing creates a connection between the spectators and the object. But it should be used properly. Theres little reason in taking a coin signing it, pow it's bent, and hand it back. Personally i have spectators sign only in longer routines. Also don't just have them put their initials or...
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    clipshift help

    Do it slow. Don't speed up until you get the basics down. Also try doing the move with 2 decks or as many cards as you can. If you can get the card around decently with more cards when you do fewer it becomes super smooth.
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    Finger Flicker-Pit Hartling, Help!

    Just from my own idea's on how the effect might be done, I have a method that works 99% of the time and uses no stooges or gimmicks. When it doesn't work though I made up a simple "Out" to fix it although i've never had to use the out in live performances before.
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    Classic Pass:Tips Please?

    Pass Start out slow, learn how each finger should be moving before trying to do it fast, get it right. Once you get the basic motion down you want to make to somewhat fast but more smooth than anything. Personally I wrapped a rubber band once or twice around an old deck to build up the...
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    Would you be interested in these?

    I could give you a better answer about the reversal idea if the camera angle was wider. In a real performance the deck won't go off the screen.
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    SUNY Geneseo

    Anyone attending University at Albany??
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    A New Effect I Created! Tell Me What You Think

    Please don't take this the wrong way but to me the first 37 seconds seemed pointless. I mean it just seemed like it killed the second part of your trick. Nice idea but after showing someone you can control the card to the top which was what The first part did It made your double lifts seem...
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    Blank Deck Routine

    Blank deck I didn't like it. I think you over emphasized the blankness of the cards without further proving they were blank. I mean if you say the cards are blank 20 times show the whole deck blank then. The thing you did around 43 secs with your thumb ruined the effect for me completely. I...
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    Saturday Night Contest - About the Launch Podcast

    Is the wire ever going to be launched?
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    Saturday Night Contest - Make a Riddle / Receive the Clue

    1. Only grace would be unknown, unclear, opaque to me if this very object was never created. (Glass) Adam Grace's "Glass" Dvd 2. What is always near you wherever you go, that demands cursory attention everywhere you go, and is with you through the best and worst of days so long as it never...
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    Pass 2010

    The only "device I use is rubber bands. I wrap them around the deck and have gotten use two. Just start off with one then two and so on then progress to smaller rubber bands. It takes time but I think it helped. Now my pass requires no energy, its automatic. And I can do a pass with rubber...
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    Learn from Every Gig - Todays Lesson

    This is why even when you have a stage"area often floor level with spectators." and seating there should always be a few, often gimmicked tricks that can be performed surrounded. You are more of a magician if you use a gimmick and no one knows then if you knowingly expose a slight. Also I...
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    Pass 2010

    Any movement at all is bad, still, I have never seen a burnable pass with no movement, but I haven't seen some of the top card mechanics passes so I am sure there is someone somewhere that is perfect at it. The best passes happen when there is no perceptible movement. A great way to do avoid...
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    Pass 2010

    Nice, try to keep your first finger from moving so much, what i mean is when you do the pass your finger sticks out, when it's just holding the pack not doing the pass its at the top of the pack, sooo cement that finger in place. Another note, everytime you do the pass your hand blocks the pack...
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    Average time before you use a sleight

    Learning time decreases with experience. It took me only a day or two to learn Chad nelson's spread pass, while the first spread pass I learned took much much longer. Again my top palm is still not up to "burnable "standards unless there is heavy misdirection so I still practice. The Svengali...
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    mnemonica juan tamariz

    Thank you all for your input, none of which I believe was said with ill intention, I hope that my read will be a long and enjoyable one.
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    mnemonica juan tamariz

    Hey guys this is a post asking everyone who has this book to tell me some of their favorite effects from this book. I only received it yesterday and would greatly appreciate any advice or telling me what the hidden jems in this monstrous book are. Thanks- Steven P.S. So far the stuff...
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