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  1. CoffeeWithMagic

    Favorite books

    Here are some old books old (and one new one) that I've used and referenced many times over the years in no particular order, except the newest one that is listed last: 1) Mark Wilson's Complete Course in Magic 2) World's Greatest Card Tricks (by Bob Longe) 3) Magic with Cards (by Garcia &...
  2. CoffeeWithMagic

    Making a Magic Kit

    I can speak from a recent experience of buying a magic kit for our oldest child close to the age range, that this is very true (the overwhelming and underused part). There are lots of extra materials, mainly printed paper items that rarely get used. I do think there are the basic solid tricks...
  3. CoffeeWithMagic

    Last Laugh - Card Trick - Mark Esldon - Alakazam Magic

    I just received a "stranger card" routine of sorts, that is pretty clever. It apparently was invented (updated) by a local magician (to my area), and he credits the "Thought Anticipated" and "Vanished & Gone" effects. The name of the trick is New Millennium Brainwave by Chad Nipper, and being...
  4. CoffeeWithMagic

    theory11 at Barnes and Noble?

    Thank you for naming the Steampunk one. I had searched and seen it, but was looking specifically for the Theory 11 name, and didn't realize they had teamed up with Bicycle on that deck. I purchased it, and it arrived last week! I've been going through a lot of my old (and one new) books on...
  5. CoffeeWithMagic

    Ultra Gum (In-Depth Review)

    Very late to this party, but I just purchased this effect from my local magic shop yesterday (yes, a real walk-in magic shop, that I only discovered a few months ago, and I think they might carry Theory 11 decks? Not 100% positive though.) after seeing and reading much about this online. I...
  6. CoffeeWithMagic

    theory11 at Barnes and Noble?

    Do you, or anybody else, know if Books-A-Million has them on the website? I looked just now, but wasn't sure what to search and didn't find them yet.
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