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  1. The Illusionist

    Coin Magic with the other hand.

    I think that to be a good coin magician you will need to be able to do all the coin sleights that you know with both hands. You will see that once you accomplish this you will be able to do much more with coin magic
  2. The Illusionist

    Casanova inc

    If you want the one for cards just get the Casanova Concept DVD
  3. The Illusionist

    Different Guardians?

    Help you with what? These are regular guardians but in a different box. -The Illusionist
  4. The Illusionist

    Brick of Massas

    They have one of the nicest design I have ever seen. They are elegant and classy for magic effect as well as gambling demonstration. Also, they are extremely good for flourishing. You will hear some people say that they don't fan so good but I didn't have any problems with fanning Massas, but if...
  5. The Illusionist

    Bottom Dealing Need Big Hands?

    Jason England talks in the video about how it could be an advantage to have big hands but believe me you for sure don't need big hands to execute perfect bottoms. I have extremely small hands as well and it hasn't seem stop me from executing bottom deals. What I would suggest when learning...
  6. The Illusionist

    Can you make things levitate?

    Ha Ha!! It's hilarious how the conversation changed from talking about one liners to pigeons pooping all over :D. I didn't even think about that when I said that line. Just the thought of me saying that line and then see everybody run for their life's makes me cry from laughter lol!!! -The...
  7. The Illusionist

    Can you make things levitate?

    Ha Ha! Yes thats also an option
  8. The Illusionist

    Can you make things levitate?

    Okay, so I thought I would share with you guys something I thought of today. Have you ever been in a position where people ask you if you can make things levitate, and either you don't know how or you just don't have your handy dandy invisible thread on you? Well it happens to me a lot and...
  9. The Illusionist


    Where can I order it from because I went to and the site is not working -The Illusionist
  10. The Illusionist

    Totally Out of Control - Better left unreplicated?

    Guys, Seriously, don't forget that Theory 11 is a business and they will do what ever they can to make money and because of that I don't blame them for releasing TOOC on DVD, people will grab it like Hanna Montana T-shirts on the day before Christmas. But I still think it is a good thing to...
  11. The Illusionist

    Aaron Fisher + Wayne Houchin :: MAGI-FEST 2009

    I am so excited, it sounds like it is going to be crazy!! I am flying out especially from St. Louis to be there. I can't wait! -The Illusionist
  12. The Illusionist


    Hi guys, I was just wondering who is going to Magifest. I am going to be there and it sounds like it is going to be crazy! I am flying out especially from St. Louis to Columbus, Ohio to be at the convention. I can't wait!!! -The Illusionist
  13. The Illusionist

    What's the name of these cards?

    No problem :) -The Illusionist
  14. The Illusionist

    What's the name of these cards?

    I think you are talking abouy these: -The Illusionist
  15. The Illusionist

    Exile Extreme Tip!

    Just try it out and see what you get, if you don't like the ink pad method don't use it, it is your choice. It worked for me and made everything much easier, and much more fair and impressive. I get amzing reactions from it and you won't know how good the ink pad method is until you experiment...
  16. The Illusionist

    Exile Extreme Tip!

    True, but that part only really matters at the beginning of the effect before you wipe the Xs, once they see that they can't wipe the Xs and then you make them disappeared just by slowly squeezing them they are amazed. They won't really care if they can manage to wipe the last Xs because if you...
  17. The Illusionist

    Exile Extreme Tip!

    If one of the mods will think this is exposure he will block this thread but until then I don't see it happening. This is not even close to being exposure and this thread will actually help a lot of people. It's there fault for not having a private forum for exile and releasing a product that...
  18. The Illusionist

    Exile Extreme Tip!

    Good point. Pigment ink should rub off more easily. I guess it just varies between different spectator’s hands. If someone has dry hands it will not rub as easily as someone with sweaty hands. What I would suggest is just experiment with different ink pads and see what you discover. If you...
  19. The Illusionist

    Exile Extreme Tip!

    No problem guys!!! And yeah Phatmeat you are right :)
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