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    Instant Switch - A variation of the Simpler switch

    hey guys!, since I was messing up the simpler switch from the andthensome dvd, I came up with my own variation. and here it is. I hope you like it! this move is very knacky and a little impractical, so I could just shoot one perfect switch without anything getting outjogged lol...
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    Can't complete the pressure fan

    hey guys, the pressure fan is one of those f*ing moves that I just can not accomplish. the problem I have is that when I'm about to complete the full circle, well I can't do that. my thumbs get stuck between each other. any help is greatly appreciated. thanks!
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    Pandora question

    heya, here's a quick question that has been botheirng me for a while. in phase 1, how many cards should the tornadoing packet contain? thanks!
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    Cardini change with dealers grip In this video, I compare the cardini change with the normal grip and dealers grip. I found that when the deck is held in dealers grip, deck stays more stable, and looks more natural, imo. what do you think?
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    Magic Castle Cards

    I saw a video on youtube by a kid and he said the finish is smooth and when he flicked the cards it snapped like a jerr'ys nugget (the sound of it) and I saw that joker holding king of hearts just like carta mundi. I thought "these could be stiff smooth finish carta mundi like cards" and found...
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    TG Deck Flip Help

    hey guys, so I've been messing around with the tg deck flip for quite a while now, and I seem to have this problem nearly all the time and it drives me nuts. when I flip the deck, my first finger kicks the bottom card out of its place. I tried various index finger placements and nothing seems to...
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    Vertigo - Hacky Sack

    Here's my attempt at this ingenious flourish. sorry for my ghetto outfit, room, living room and all, I'm a poor student:( and tell me if I'm doing something wrong or if there's anything to be fixed. thanks!
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    Clipshift - go easy on me please :)

    Clipshift - updated with new video EDIT: A silent version okay, it has only been 3 and a half weeks since I started my clipshift practice. I practiced with a full guardians deck including jokers and + 20 more cards. I think it helped. My last video...
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    Yet Another Aviator Thread

    hey guys, so my parents came here to visit me and on the way they went to turkey for a little trip, and my mum called me and said she was in a bookstore, and there were cards and she asked me if she'd buy some. I said well yea, she said there's bicycle, aristocrat and aviators, and I said get...
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    Rate my clipshift

    vid removed. feel free to lock/delete thread mods.
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    Critisism about my routine please

    okay guys, I've been practicing the cardini change with the advises that I took from you guys, and mainly from Fezzikthemagician. so here's my video showing the change (with a made up trick that involves an exposed cardini with one hand. and failed flourishes.)...
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    Cardini Change Help

    Hey there people! I'm new here, and I LOVE this place. I'm fairly new to this kind of unorthodox flourishes and tricks, but I've always been amazed by the stuff that dan and dave does, so I finally decided to join you guys eventhough I knew it was going to be hard. So, here's my question...
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