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  1. Jacob

    Smoke and Mirrors V5 Value

    Hey guys, Quick question. I was cleaning today and I found a deck of sealed V5s that I had set aside. Im not as interested by magic as I used to me and I figure if I could get something for them I would sell them. Question is, what would a sealed deck of V5s be worth today?
  2. Jacob

    Smoke Out of Stock

    Sorry if this has been posted somewhere else, I searched but I couldn't find anything. I saw that Smoke was out of stock and I was wondering when its coming back.
  3. Jacob

    Dan Sperry on America's Got Talent

    Did anyone just see Dan Sperry preform Saw on AGT? He threw the floss at Howie Mandel at the end and Howie almost had a heart attack. Haha.
  4. Jacob

    $4.95 Discount Not Working?

    So I recieve an email from Theory 11 informing me that theyre giving out 4.95 coupons. I was excited and went on Theory 11 to purchase the effect I was looking for. Then im informed that not 3 hours since I recieved the email that the discount was for 72 hours, the discount no longer works...
  5. Jacob

    Any Advice or Resources?

    Hello, I am a Grade 10 student looking to start preforming semi-professionally. I am a close up magician and I think im pretty good. My family is going through some financial difficulties and I thought this might be a good way to bring in some extra money. I am looking for table hopping or...
  6. Jacob

    Another Colour Change Battle Request

    Hey guys, This is my first post in a while and my first battle. Colour changes are beautiful and simply amazing. They are what got me interested in the art of magic. I propose a colour change battle. The catch is that the video should include only 5 colour changes. 4 of them being with...
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