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    Neuro-Linguistic Programming?

    I've always had an interest in hynosis, suggestion, psychology and all that jazz - even though I haven't been able to get my hands on a lot of material, because it costs money that I don't have. I was considering making a sideways slide into neuro-liguistic programming (NLP). Again, of...
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    Wynns Question

    Ok, so I was ecstatic about an hour ago when I got some brown Wynns for myself, and I was just viewing the page again when I noticed that they have jumbo indexes. This is a bit of a put-off, because I don't think that they are as attractive. Out of interest, though, do the red/blue Wynns have...
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    TnR Question

    I was wondering - will TnR be released as an instant download, or is there a gimmick of some sorts involved that means it can only be shipped with a DVD?
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    How do you perform "Shapeshifter"?

    I've been doing this change for a while now. When I first saw it done, I worked out a way that was right for me, and never bothered buying the DVD. Over the years, I've seen it done in all of these combinations. What do you do? I grip from the top with my right hand by the index corners, and...
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    Black Ghosts to be released early 2008?

    Hi guys, Just wondering if anyone could confirm or deny this rumour I've heard. I saw this posted on an online magic store I frequent, and can't seem to find any info about it. The exact notice was this: "LATEST NEWS: The Black Ghost deck (2nd edition) will be released by Ellusionist in the...
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    Card splitting

    Does anyone know of any alternatives to rubber cement for sticking the cards together? It's a little harder to come by where I live... I'm aiming for quality cards, so I'd like to hear your experiences in using different substances. Thanks.
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