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  1. Ned Devine

    Tricks with the Chinese shuffle?

    Hello friends! I am asking for your guidance once again. I am a fan of Si and have been from the beginning. Anyway my question, I am looking for tricks involving the Chinese Shuffle. More a disguise for its use in front of a spectator, this is mainly for me and not for a performance. Just...
  2. Ned Devine

    Little Help with Parlor Magic.

    Hello Friends, I am in need of some advice on a small gig I am doing for a friends restaurant. My friend owns a restaurant and they are going to have a comedian do a show and wanted me to do some magic (5-10 minutes) before to warm up the audience. I have never done magic like this before...
  3. Ned Devine

    Si stebbins walk around!

    Hello friends! I am going to try something new for myself. Over the last two or so years I have been doing coins almost exclusively. I think I am very competent at walk around with coins and some basic card effects (ambitious, card to pocket, ect...). I have never done thing with walk around...
  4. Ned Devine

    Coin gimmicks make me so frustrated.

    Hello Friends! I do apologize if this seems a bit...whiny, but man am I frustrated right now. I have been doing a lot of coin magic the last two years and I have been getting to a point where I wanted to get my hands on some nice Gimmicks. So I went out and Bought some beginner coin...
  5. Ned Devine

    New to ITR. Hopefully for some advice.

    Hello Friends, mad the title says I’m new to ITR as well as most IT related things. I’m asking for some resources, ideas, routines, people to check out, ect... I just got gifted a SPP from a friend and I have no idea how begin with the device. I’m a coin guy and not much into cards so IT...
  6. Ned Devine

    It’s that time of year again.

    Hello Friends, It’s that time of year again where I challenge myself to a new aspect of magic. Last year I put the cards down and studied coins. I am still studying them because I have a long way to go haha. I am still going to put the cards down and I have picked up a TT, if there is any...
  7. Ned Devine

    The Ad Card.

    Hello friends, I was wondering if anyone has any work using the ad card in a new deck of bikes. Just trying to see if anyone thought of this.
  8. Ned Devine

    Stebbins to NDO?

    hello friends, I have been working with Si Stebbins for a while and have been trying to return the stack to NDO. So I’m trying to find a shuffling technique to rerun to NDO from Si Stebbins. I use “Si Stebbins Secret” from Ortiz book, so I’m looking for something like that to go back to NDO...
  9. Ned Devine

    Magic for kids. I need a little help.

    Hello T11 Family! I am coming to you because I am in need of some advice. Long story short. I got into magic while working at a bar. Never learned it as a kid. I now live in a rural town where there is no magic shops, shows, or any people that practice on the regular. I have a friend who...
  10. Ned Devine

    Spoon Bending Resources

    just as the title says, I’m looking for Spoon Bending information. Ever since I was a kid I always wanted to learn this and never got around to it. I like the idea of a 100% gimmickless, impromptu spoon bend. Show up pick up spoon and bend it. I think it would be a great addition to my walk...
  11. Ned Devine

    Coin Magic with Quarters.

    Hello all! I have been continuing my challenge of not using cards. It has been a real challenge. Anywho on my newest challenge to not use half dollars and or dollar coins. I have been doing coin magic for about 4 years now and mainly focus on the bigger coins. Lately I have been getting the...
  12. Ned Devine

    What’s in your pockets?

    I’m more curious what everyone carries with them day to day? For instance I have been really trying to get better at coin magic. so now the only magic I carry around is 4 Morgan’s, a dollar sized Chinese coin, and tiny hand. Jus curious what y’all are working on and or just what your pocket...
  13. Ned Devine

    Any love for Si Stebbins?

    Hello Friends, I have been going over Tamariz again and was reading along when I stumbled upon The words Si Stebbins. I had forgotten about this stack, I haven’t used It since I first started in Magic. Does anyone know of any good recourses on it? I’m more interested in learning all about...
  14. Ned Devine

    ITR Beginner.

    Hello again, I have been interested in the spider pen pro. I am a complete beginner with ITR and most IT. I use loops for very basic things. So my question is what should I look into first regarding ITR? Before I purchase the Spider Pen pro. I want to make sure it's what I want to add to my...
  15. Ned Devine

    How do you carry your coins?

    I'm curious how other people carry their coins? I just cram everything into a small clasping coin purse. trying to figure out a better method. thanks.
  16. Ned Devine

    Wedding routine help.

    Hello again T11 family, Just as the title says I need help with a strolling wedding routine. One of my closest friends is getting married. He asked me to do some strolling magic for the reception and of course I said yes, my gift to him. Here is the problem my job is bartender/magician I have...
  17. Ned Devine

    No Card Tricks! Need more material.

    Hello friends! I took a challenge for New year's by removing card magic from my routines. That being said I did leave the Invisible Deck in there because I have a really silly bit involving that and it's a personal favorite. I am asking you! My peers and friends! I need some help, my gigs...
  18. Ned Devine

    What's your sleight obsession?

    Just curious what people spend alot off their time on other than the Double Lift. For me it has been a 5 year obsession with the side steal. Curse you Paul Cummins!! For real though Paul Cummins is the man! Just curious what Y'all like to spend your time perfecting. Does not have to be a...
  19. Ned Devine

    Looking for a Magic Shop in Hong Kong

    Hello I'm in Hong Kong and am looking for good magic shops! Any help would be appreciated!!
  20. Ned Devine

    Looking for some suggestions.

    Hello again friends! I am in need of a little help. I'm trying to add more tricks to my arsenal, however I am looking for a particular feel. Little background, I primarily do walk around and hang out far too much at bars. (I get lots of gigs at bars for some reason.) Because of this most...
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