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  1. The Illusionist

    Can you make things levitate?

    Okay, so I thought I would share with you guys something I thought of today. Have you ever been in a position where people ask you if you can make things levitate, and either you don't know how or you just don't have your handy dandy invisible thread on you? Well it happens to me a lot and...
  2. The Illusionist


    Hi guys, I was just wondering who is going to Magifest. I am going to be there and it sounds like it is going to be crazy! I am flying out especially from St. Louis to Columbus, Ohio to be at the convention. I can't wait!!! -The Illusionist
  3. The Illusionist

    Exile Extreme Tip!

    Hi exile lovers, I bet that many of you who bought exile don't perform it because of the final Xs. Without exposing too much, use pigment ink pad! Those that have exile will know what I am talking about and you guys will notice the change once you use it. Thanks to that idea I now perform...
  4. The Illusionist

    Rare Playing Cards

    Ok so I looked every where for the name of this deck of cards and I couldn't find anything. What is the name of this deck of cards? -The Illusionist
  5. The Illusionist

    Truffle Shuffle by Derek DelGadio

    This is a new on demand that was released on D&D's website, this is the most deceptive shuffle that I have ever seen. I saw Kenner execute this move a while ago and both him and Katie tried to teach me but it didn't really work. I will for sure get this on demand and every person that is serious...
  6. The Illusionist

    Thread by W:H

    I can't believe it!!! I just now came back from school and I checked my email and I got an email from Wayne Houchin saying that he is finally going to release thread!!! This is the email I got: Good morning! THREAD Back in 2000, I created an effect that would become my opener for the...
  7. The Illusionist

    Trilogy Bonus Footage

    Hi, I haven’t seen this topic brought up yet so I decided to post this here. I was surfing the Dan and Dave website and I decided to go and check the Vault page since I haven't logged in there for a long time. When I logged in I noticed a new Trilogy Bonus Footage featuring Dan and Dave...
  8. The Illusionist

    Card to Wallet question

    Hi, I am thinking of buying a card to wallet gimmick but I am not buying it for a card to wallet effect but for taking out a little pay envelope out of there. My question is can any card to wallet gimmick also be used to take other things out like a little pay envelope? And if so which ones...
  9. The Illusionist

    1 on 1 request

    Okay so I searched the forum and I haven't seen a thread for this yet and I think that it is a good idea. I wanted to open a thread for requests for tricks to have on the 1 on 1 section, because there is nothing better than providing your costumers with the products that they want. In...
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