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    Lately I've been feeling that my flow is off. Not on any particular flourish just flourishing in general my flow is kinda got worse than it was a few days ago. Are my hands just tired? What are some tips for having flow in your cardistry and magic.
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    Bullet and Flicker

    I'm having trouble using bullet and flicker in tandem. They don't compliment each other well and it's weird when I do it. Any pointers are much appreciated.
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    Performance improvement DVD

    Can anyone recommend me a performance improvement DVD.
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    Sore Hands

    So I practice cardistry and magic as much as I can, but eventually my hands will start to get REALLY sore. I have to wait about a week for my hands to recover even if I have a burning desire to practice. Is there a way to prevent this, am I just practicing too much? Should wait even longer for...
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    Rosin powder

    I'm thinking about getting a small bag of rosin powder to carry around with me when my hands are sweaty and I was just wondering if anyone uses that or if I should NOT use it. I've heard of using talcum powder before but I just want to hear your opinions.
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    How to Win Friends and Influence People

    I'm currently reading this book and I know that It's an amazing book and really helpful with performing and controlling the audience. I just want to know how this book influenced your performance skill or just life in general if you have read it.
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    Circuit ring size

    So I recently ordered circuit and I printed the ring size calculator and it said I was a 11.5 so that's what I bought. Well I was at Walmart and I decided to size my finger there and that one said I was a 10. I feel like I should trust the website's one more because that's where it's coming from...
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    Justin Miller's Doppelganger control

    I'm not sure if many people questions about products from non theory 11 websites but I don't see why not. I was wondering about Justin Miller's Doppelganger control because I've been needing a reliable control that is natural looking and I can use it in any performance. The classic double...
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    Card Cheating

    I'm mostly a sleight of hand kind of magician and that's the magic I know and love, however I have never tried gambling sleight of hand. I know some moves but I want a dvd to help me get started. I'm thinking of buying Jason England's Foundation but I just want to be aware of all my options...
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    How do you juggle between cardistry and magic

    I've found it difficult to juggle between learning new magic and learning new cardistry. I still have so many things to learn in both subjects and it's hard to keep up with one not to mention both. I don't want to give up either one and I respect the art of both. Just some advice would be good...
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    Double Backer Storage

    It just occurred to me that I don't really have a place that I put my double backers safely and I just have them scattered about. Where do you store your double backers.
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    Inspiration For High-school Students

    I know that Zach is very popular to most members of theory 11, but I was just looking back at one of his videos and found something that really stuck out for me. I'm a student in high-school and when I saw this video I think I changed the way that I will spend the rest of high-school and that's...
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    JAQK Cards

    Hey theory11 peeps, I was just wondering if any color or edition of JAQK will be put back in stock because I missed that boat when they were out and I would love to have some.
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