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    X Finger review anyone?

    Yes it's out, and yes there are people who already received their DVDs let alone the Download... I'm unsure whether to pick this up or not, so i'm waiting for someone to be kind enough to write a review on this and help me make up my mind.
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    X Finger?

    Yet another Papercraneproductions release: I'm a bit skeptic about the "requires no gimmicks" line though :S Seems too good to be true? I'm looking to pick this up. Any thoughts? suggestions?
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    An Idea for THREAD

    I was performing Gypsy thread before i proceed with THREAD, and then thought "I could break the thread into several pieces (basically repeating the same steps as the first one), put them into my mouth (one by one), and pull a 'restored' thread from my eye." and so i did ;) Just an idea for...
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    Regarding Piracy/Torrents

    I've seen too many torrent sites with countless of magic videos from known sites like ellusionist, theory11, papercraneproductions, sanderfx, etc etc etc posted and shared amongst its members and some even with the public. Let me just say this: There is NO WAY we can stop this phenomena...
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