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  1. Pav


    Been a while since I posted a video here, so here's a short video I made! Feedback is always cool, hope somebody digs it.
  2. Pav

    How To Create Card Flourishes in Four Minutes

    Hello all, haven't posted here in a while. I made a video that discusses a simple creative process I use for creating card flourishes. I tried to explain it without actually using a deck of cards. I'd love to hear your opinions on the...
  3. Pav

    2 Archive "Sold-Out" Items?

    I'm curious about a certain oddity within the Archive. Every time I visit the Archive, the two items "Skype Session" and "Cardistry Training" are labeled as "sold out". What does that mean exactly? There are a bunch of items BELOW those two particular items that are listed as "Depleted". What's...
  4. Pav


    Hello all! Just figured I'd leave this here for people to check out. Hope you like it!
  5. Pav

    Music for creativity?

    It's pretty common to see people using music to tune out during practice sessions. Music definitely plays a large role in my card flourishing creative process, with different genres of music resulting in different styles of moves. In the case of "zoning out" and trying to be creative, I...
  6. Pav

    Frozen Again?

    I think the Wire charts are stuck again, there's been like 9 new releases that haven't shown up at all on the charts.
  7. Pav

    Monument by Dimitri Arleri (Full Review)

    Dimitri Arleri is one of the most reputable cardists in the community right now. His eagerly awaited debut cardistry project with Theory 11 has just been released after 18 months of production and hype. I want to keep the back story short so we can get right into the moves. Moves Axis: Axis...
  8. Pav


    Hello again, it's been a while since I posted one of my video to these forums. I just recently made this video called "Do Work", and it's quite possibly the quirkiest thing I've ever made. I'd love to hear your opinions, I appreciate the help.
  9. Pav

    Signed Monarchs?

    Very quick question, I was wondering what Theory 11 charged for Signed Monarchs when they were available in the Archive? I'm trying to at least get an idea of how much mine are worth, I'm looking to part with them. So if anyone remembers what they went for I would appreciate the information.
  10. Pav

    Good Playing Card Designers?

    Hello all, a small question for you today. I've been taking a look at custom playing cards and such, for no reason in particular aside from just straight curiosity. What I've noticed is that a lot of the well-known custom decks of playing cards often aren't associated with the people that...
  11. Pav

    Wire Charts Stand-Still?

    I try to pay attention to my performance on the Wire as much as possible. I usually check my view count and my place on the charts at least once a day. But I think there may be a problem, as much as it pains me to say it. My downloads have been at the top of the Cardistry chart for a while now...
  12. Pav


    I've been spending a lot of time on the web recently, just surfing through various magic/cardistry videos. So many beautiful performances have come out, I always seem to find a video when I least expect it. My question to you, what are your favorite magic/cardistry videos and why? It can be...
  13. Pav

    Completely False Hindu Shuffle?

    I know there are tons of variations on the Hindu shuffle that retain the top stock or the bottom stock or something, but is there a completely false version?
  14. Pav

    Magic with Water

    I've always been into PK type effects, they can be the epitome of simple gimmicks hitting very hard. Loops are great, PK rings are great, I love the feel of that sort of effect. However, the items that have always been out of my psychokinetic grasp are liquids. The most common substance on the...
  15. Pav

    Public Perception

    I've been thinking about public perception lately. My YouTube channel has been getting more and more attention lately, but I don't feel as if I'm doing anything exceptional as a cardist. My question to you guys, what do you believe is more important from a marketing/success standpoint...
  16. Pav


    Hello, I've been practicing my SWE Shift lately, and I'd love to hear some opinions on it. It's not perfect by any means, but it's something. Thanks in advance, Patrick Varnavas
  17. Pav

    The Archive

    Being a frequent user of the Theory 11 site, I've accumulated a bit of Elite Member points. I absolutely love the Elite Member Initiative, the system itself is perfect to me. However, the Archive seems to be at a bit of a stand-still; the selection of rewards seems to never change anymore. The...
  18. Pav

    Information Overload

    Hello again, As many of you know, I've been releasing quite a bit of material on the Wire. I try to release at least two downloads a week if I can. However, there is such a problem as "Too much information". But, some people look at it differently. For example, someone running a blog would want...
  19. Pav

    SWE Shift: Dead Subject?

    I've been playing around with the SWE Shift for almost the entire time I've been in magic. Everybody seems to think the move is a dead end or a waste of time. I'm not sure why though, I've come up with a few interesting applications for the move. I want to make a Wire project completely covering...
  20. Pav


    Hello again, here is a small collaboration I did with a cardist that I felt deserved much more attention that he was receiving. We would really appreciate any feedback. Thanks in advance, Patrick Varnavas and Woojin Byeon
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