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    Guardians on Amazon 1st or 2nd edition

    I happened to stumble upon some guardians on sale at amazon but when I read the reviews many says the edges were rough, which I have read is a problem with the 1st editions. I'm really hoping these are 2nd edition but from the information given on the site, can anyone tell me which edition they...
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    Black Decks

    I, unlike many, think black decks look very nice and am looking to get a deck or two. I'm aware or the usual E decks that are black and Bicycle Raiders(which I dont like) but I'm wondering if there are any others out there which you guys have used and liked and could recommend to me. If not I'll...
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    Genesis V1

    Just saw the trailer for genesis and saw this title: . Now as I said in some other posts I'm into animation and film, and so when I saw this I IMMEDIATELY thought of this ...
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    Good Beginner Flourishes

    I'm looking for some beginner flourishes to learn. I heard that WERM is a good one but I want to see more suggestions before trying to learn one. I already know the 5 faces of sybil and some flourishes I learned on the T11 media page and some I've seen on .thecuso/YT, along with the different...
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    Jokers, ad cards, double backers, etc

    Since cardistry doesn't utilize these cards(correct me if Im wrong), what do you guys do with these cards when you open a new deck? I jsut keep them in the box and compare their cleanliness to the cards once they are worn out for fun.
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    Guardians in T11 shop

    Are the guardians here : the 2nd editions or first? I cant find anything saying which edition they are.
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    New Tally vs Old

    I've heard a lot of talk about the difference between the old and new tallys and how the old ones were better. I'm wondering if the Tallys in the t11 shop, because they are the new ones, are worth buying even though they aren't as good as the old. Is the difference significant? I have not tried...
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