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    Bill x Bill Kris Mystery and SM productionz - REVIEW

    How's it going all So I started a trend doing magic reviews online a while back. And here it is for Bill x Bill Cheers
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    // STATIC - David Jade - Video Review!

    Hey Guys, I am starting a new trend on youtube magic videos, by doing video reviews. There will be performance, pros-cons, ins-outs, MISLEADING AD critique, recommendations and rating etc. STATIC will start this new trend. one thing I forgot to mention as misleading AD critique is...
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    Quick Trick - My Out of the Box Take

    Hey Guys, The quick trick is a classic where a freely chosen card is to be selected, placed back under impossible conditions and retrieved in a blink of an eye with what appears to be no slight of hand. This is my take on it, hope you guys like it...
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    Taking WOW to the next level - A MIRACLE!

    Hi All, I wasn't sure where to put this, but it is a routine/method/HANDLING of WoW I came up with to take WoW to a whole new level - A ****EN Miracle. For all you mentalists, I know you guys are going to love this. This is just to SHARE the handling with all of you, magicians helping...
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    Simple / easy linking ring on chain!

    This is a video of a super easy linking effect that floored me BIG TIME! So simple, so easy, gets great reactions and response from the audience. I'd like to hear your responses to this super easy visual trick, and different methods you come up with, because this boggled the SH!T out of my...
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    Card Warp Miracle - No Tear, Completely Inside out in 1 PASS!

    Gimmicked version of my effect wormhole (no tear card warp) this version is not examinable, however, the miracle is completely devastating! No tears, and turns completely inside out in one pass be sure to check out my...
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    PK Effects - Mojo

    Here is a new application/effects I rendered. It makes use of a gimmick that isn't taught to be as diverse as I use it. PK move objects with full control, you can speak etc, and move arms. If you guys figure out the gimmick let me know =P, it's really easy, the idea is to let you guys...
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    Wormhole - (A No Tear, No Rip, CARDWARP)

    Here is my new effect - Wormhole, I have been working on which is a version of the Cardwarp; no tearing, no ripping, super clean, super fair. I have yet to see this in print, so I believe it's original unless some of you can tell me otherwise. It is meant to be a magician FOOLER, and...
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    Preservation - Signed Card in Sealed Deck

    Hey, Here is my new effect called Preservation which is a method to accomplish a signed card in a factory sealed deck. The deck is 100% examinable after the new revelation and I repeat NO SLITS! The method also allows you to stack a factory sealed deck to perform incredible...
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    Cyril's ACR ending - PERFORMANCE!

    So, Been studying for finals, had the brain working hard then an idea for Cyril's ACR ending came into my head and I had to try it out. Tried the method and it worked. Here's a performance of me doing it achieving the same outcome but unsure if the methods are identical. Either...
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    Starting a Magic Group at the University of Toronto Scarborough

    If you go to UTSC, and are a magician or flourisher, hit it up and let's start jamming!
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    Ultimate Card Effect

    For me, I believe the ultimate effect is brown/madison like where you pull out one card, ask spectator to think of a card, and then the card ends up being the one they thought of. My question is... can this only be done with psychological forces? If so, (since I know there are many) which one...
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    Any UTSC Magicians?

    are there any magicians here that go to University of Toronto Scarborough - UTSC?
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    S+M Second Edition Reviews?

    Anyone have a review or opinion on these? To me I feel that the first edition is 100x better than these second editions I just opened. The first edition was slick, smooth, stiff, and excellent. These second editions are flimsy, warpy, rough sides and dusty.... better for fanning... Am I the...
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    S+M One Way Deck

    I got this deck and noticed that it is a one way deck for a great find routine at the top left ;) hope it helps anyone who has yet to discover HINT = .
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    Is it me or...

    Tally Ho and Split spades pretty much identical and that the red's fan better and are softer compared to the blues...
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    Flow Gimmick

    Does anyone know what store to find the gimmick for Flow? I've searched all over...
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    Effect vs Trick Rich Ferguson

    Rich Ferguson doing a card through table Is this real?... this card through table is so clean. Is there a name for this effect?
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    Where to buy?

    Where can i buy a brick of tally's or bikes but just in one color for cheap?
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    Back to Backs

    Just bored and curious pick your favorite design And when you guys buy a brick... do you usually end up performing with only one of the colors? bc i find myself performing with only red bikes and practicing with my blue ones...
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