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  1. Dima

    Face Up Forcing

    Just a quick question. Let's assume I have a four of a kind face up with four face down cards interweaving each one. If they are the four kings for example, it would like something like: KrKrKrKr. r for Random/Indifferent card. Now what i want to do is force one of the face up cards...
  2. Dima

    Triple Thought Revelation

    If you know about the Chad Nelson trick wherein three spectators look at a card and it turns out to be a different card for each spectator then my version is the opposite of that trick. I've no idea if this effect has been published somewhere but it is used a lot with a Svengali deck...
  3. Dima

    Routine this, close that

    Hello there fellow magicians. I have been working on my routine for several months now and have narrowed and focused the whole thing on several tricks. However, i have encountered one particular problem...the dreaded closer. This has been discussed before but i have a couple of specific...
  4. Dima

    A little trickery Since Portal is going to be flooding the net very soon indeed, i decided to change the formula. My little CA, suggestions and comments are welcome. Enjoy
  5. Dima

    Easiest switch

    Hey there, I am looking for a clean and simple switch of a selection for another known card. Nothing ridiculous as this is a very casual move. All of the switches i know require for me to see the card first, which is what i want to avoid doing. A Top Change is the obvious answer but...
  6. Dima

    Torn, Restored...then what?

    I am requesting for the creative among you to help a fellow magi in need. You are indeed half way there if you are reading this so let's get on with it. Have you ever performed a trick, finished with the climax, only to be met with cold, long, uncomfortable silence with the spectators among...
  7. Dima

    Signed Transpo

    Does anyone know of any good signed card transpositions. Something clean, simple and impromptu. I keep thinking Sankey's got one somewhere as well as some other magicians but can't quite put my finger on it. Any help would be appreciated.
  8. Dima

    A lesson is presentation...

    A lesson in presentation... This is a fresh approach to a simple trick. Learn from this man. If anyone wants to get good at presentation, take a simple trick that you don't use and recreate it. Make up new, interesting patter and practice it for...
  9. Dima

    Sankey's done it again! I haven't got it but looking at the demo it seems fantastic. A perfect end to a routine and looks practical.
  10. Dima

    False In The Hands Riffle

    Can someone list a couple of false in-the-hands riffle shuffles. I'm not sure if there are a lot of these or a handful but i know of: The Real Green shuffle The other one Lennart uses (false angle?) One taught by Oz Pearlman in Emerge Triumphant Any others?
  11. Dima

    Polaroid Change Trick Idea...

    Just something i thought would work well if used as a quick trick. Card selected and spectator is asked to photograph the card mentally. Control it to the top. Insert an indifferent card into the deck and execute the TPC (Tamariz Perpendicular) Then hold the deck up and take a picture...
  12. Dima

    4 More on Floor or 5Speed

    For those of you who know both 5 Speed (TOoC/1on1) and More Four on the Floor (Full Metal Jacket), which do you think is the better trick? The problem is they both have valid pros and cons. 5Speed requires a gimmick, even though i know a version without one. It seems like a more elaborate...
  13. Dima

    Best Outtake Battle

    It's very simple, forget the effect/flourish. This has happened to everyone (except Ammar) - you're doing a trick and suddenly the cards come alive and jump out of your hands and on to the floor. The video with the funniest/best outtake wins. Could be live or for camera and cannot be...
  14. Dima

    V Switch

    The switch used in Hedberg's Peak, a nice tool but i can't seem to create anything that incorporates it. Has anyone played around with it or has any ideas?
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