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    Saturday Night Contest - Variety Box!

    Good luck!
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    Ideas for app/site

    .NET / C# primarily for backend and I dabble in React for frontend, but not much Yeah, that's cool idea, something like that should probably be community driven so people could update cities and shows, and it probably would take some time because there's a lot of cities and countries and even...
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    Ideas for app/site

    I was thinking more like a "tool". I can't be more specific, that's why I'm asking for an idea haha But lets say like this, what tool/app could make a magicinas life easier? T11 is just a forum for discussion (and sellers of magic of course). I forgot what's the name of the website (someone...
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    Ideas for app/site

    I'm a web developer. I'm doing few of my own little mini projects and I thought to myself, would it be cool to make some website/app for magic community. I mean we have forums (T11, magic cafe), and groups on other sites like reddit, or maybe you are part of a group on facebook or I don't know...
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    Saturday Night Contest - St. Patrick's Day Lotto!

    Card 1: 7 of H Card 2: 8 of D Card 1: Q of C Card 2: 5 of H
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    Business side of performing

    Yeah I got it...problem is that most of you guys and most of magicians I find online are from US and some stuff don't always work in other countries... I guess I have to do a little bit of research... Thanks for info :)
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    Business side of performing

    Yeah I figured. But how are contracs actually made. I imagine it's not just something writen on my PC and printed out. I'm from Croatia so I imagine different laws apply. I don't know anything about taxes and such things so maybe I should learn more about that. So about LLC, does it matter if...
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    Business side of performing

    So I have a full time job as a programmer, its cool job and it's relatively good money. But since I really love magic and have been doing it for 6 years for myself, friends and family I would like to start getting a few gigs here and there on the side (so, not full time). My question is, if I...
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    Saturday Night Contest - Which Hand?

    Left Right Left Left Left Right Left
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    Saturday Night Contest - Resolutions For 2019

    2018 was really stressful but still amazing year for me. It was my final year of college and I managed to finish it in time (that was the stressful part). Got my first job in programming and met an amazing girl who is now my girlfriend and loves watching me perform magic. I went to my first ever...
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    Saturday Night Contest - Christmas Card Lotto!

    J of Clubs 3 of Spades 5 of Spades 8 of Diamonds
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    The Art vs The Tools

    I have so much opinion about a lot of stuff said here..but I don't just feels pointless somehow...but since I have nowhere else to talk about this it I might just write my thoughts.. I'm nowhere near a lot of these magicians or any of you posting here for that matter.. I've been doing...
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    Saturday Night Contest - Black Friday

    And my 2nd entry... good luck :)
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    Saturday Night Contest - Black Friday

    My 1st entry
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    Saturday Night Contest - Guess The Cards!

    7 of D J of H 6 of C 8 of S
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    Saturday Night Contest - Coin Toss

    Heads Tails Heads Heads Tails
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    Saturday Night Contest - Guess The Cards

    8 of spades 3 of clubs J of spades 5 of diamonds
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    Saturday Night Contest - Eleven Years Here's to another 11 years :D
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    Saturday Night Contest - Hudson Card Lotto!

    8 H 7 S J D 5 S
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